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Dillon Graves from American Waterworks

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  • By Rita S.
    Cashton, WI

    Customer Review

    By Rita S.
    Cashton, WI

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  • "I would totally recommend this company for any foundation work. My foundation was extremely neglected. The..." Read Full Testimonial

    Paul N. of Rochester, MN

    Customer Testimonial

              I would totally recommend this company for any foundation work. My foundation was extremely neglected. The walls were bending/the next stage would be to start to fall in. THICK black mold formed in the corners. A "beaver" system on all 4 walls to a sump with a sump pump that would run every 30-45 minutes on non-rainy days!!!!! The De-humidifier would run 24-7. Even in the winter!!!! I called around and no one offered the warranted system as American Waterworks. And they were the only ones that KNEW the soil engineering involved in why the foundation was failing! A few places offered a "Band-aid" that would have failed eventually. They put in a WAY better sump and dual pump system with battery back up. Peace of mind!!!! Their "beaver"/drainage system is flush with the basement floor so you can't see it! The plates and beams they put in straightened one wall right away. The rest will take a little bit by tightening the plates little by little. The water proof wall barriers they put in look awesome. No mold. No bad smell. The dehumidifier actually turns "OFF". Much drier!!! Looks GREAT. All this done in one week!' it's like a new basement! The workers they have are awesome and answered every question I had. I couldn't recommend American Waterworks enough. They are GREAT. Oh....did I mention the transferable guarantee? A great company that made sure I was happy with all the work they were doing! And i couldn't be more happy. WORTH THE MONEY!!!! I'd hire them in a second if I needed to!!!!
    Paul N.
    Rochester, MN
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Wet Basement Restored in Bangor, WI
    Wet Basement Restored in Bangor, WI

    Wet Basement Restored in Bangor, WI

    Marvin L. in Bangor, WI was tired of dealing with the water seeping into his basement. It was beginning to cause him stress, and he wanted a permanent solution. He contacted American Waterworks for a FREE estimate, and we sent one of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, to evaluate the situation and propose the best, cost-effective solution for his home. 

    Our Foreman, Austin Lucas, and his production crew began the waterproofing project by removing the concrete around the perimeter of the basement and laying our WaterGuard drainage system. Next, they installed our recommended TripleSafe sump pump, which is backed by three levels of protection. Then, the crew installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier along the walls and our SaniDry dehumidifier to take care of any humidity. With our CleanSpace installed, any water seepage coming through the wall will be directed down into the drainage system. Marvin is happy with the results and glad he chose a permanent solution for his home! 

    Do you have a wet basement? Click here to receive a FREE estimate!

  • Push Piers Restore Foundation in Rochester, MN
    Push Piers Restore Foundation in Rochester, MN

    Push Piers Restore Foundation in Rochester, MN

    Nathan U. in Rochester, MN had our waterproofing system installed in his home. During one of his annual maintenance appointments our Senior Service Technician, Ben McKee, noticed his garage floor was uneven, and he feared the problem was only going to get worse. After a thorough inspection, he was able to recommend our Foundation Push Pier System to provide a permanent solution to the settlement issue. Nathan was impressed with Ben’s evaluation and the products presented, and he moved forward with the project. 

    Our Foreman, Matt Zeller, and his production crew started the installation by digging out the soil surrounding the home where the foundation was settling. Then, they installed heavy-duty steel brackets below the footing of the foundation. Next, rugged, interlocking steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through the bracket until bedrock or stable soil is reached. The weight of the home is then transferred through the piers to load-bearing soil. Lastly, the crew installed our SentrySeal membrane to seal off any cracks and prevent water from entering the basement. They replaced the soil and cleaned up their work area. Nathan is glad he chose to invest in the stability of his home, and we are glad we could restore his peace of mind! 

  • Wall Anchors Stabilize Foundation in Nicollet, MN
    Wall Anchors Stabilize Foundation in Nicollet, MN

    Wall Anchors Stabilize Foundation in Nicollet, MN

    Bill L. in Nicollet, MN noticed some cracking in his basement wall that was getting larger over time and putting pressure on the foundation. He was concerned about the bowing walls and the potential damage it could cause. After doing some research online, he came across our website and was happy to learn that we have been restoring foundations for over 30 years! We sent one of our Design Specialists, Eric Hazelton, to evaluate the situation and propose the best, cost-effective solution. He was impressed with our products and Eric’s presentation, and he chose to move forward with the project. 

    Using wall anchors, our production crew drilled small holes through the failing block foundation and into the soil surrounding the home. In order to straighten the wall, they had to dig out the soil pushing against the foundation. They secured each end of the metal rods with anchor plates and tightened them as far as they would go. This process gradually straightened the foundation wall, and permanently secured it. Bill was pleased with the entire process and is glad he made the investment to restore the value of his home! 

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