A cold crawl space can cause cold floors and cool hot water pipes and furnace ducts, resulting in higher utility costs and cold feet! American Waterworks crews in MN, IA, and WI can install a CleanSpace Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System that will help insulate the space.

American Waterworks crews install a vinyl vapor barrier covering the floor and walls of the crawlspace. In additional to providing insulation, this mold resistant liner can also inhibit radon gases emitted from some soils. In certain circumstances, pipes can freeze and burst when crawl spaces get too cold. Don’t wait until this happens to you. Contact American Waterworks for a free inspection and price quote to customers in southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and western Wisconsin.

If you wait until summer, warm air can enter the cool crawl space and cause moisture to form along the walls and floor structure. The moisture can cause mold and even rot the wood supports, resulting in expensive repairs.

Washington State University extension program even warns that “mold allergens in the crawlspace can move into the living spaces of the home and cause respiratory difficulties in individuals with allergies and asthma.” The extension service notes that often vents are not an adequate solution. In addition to proper grading of the soil and taking all measures to keep water away from the foundation with gutters, the extension service recommends installing a cover over the crawl space floor as an effective way to ward off moisture and prevent potential health problems and structural damage that might otherwise occur.

Don’t put up with cold feet, high utility bills, or risk broken pipes, mold, and structural damage. Contact the experts at American Waterworks in southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and western Wisconsin for a free inspection and estimate.