Let the American Waterworks staff based in Rochester MN install an egress window that will bring light, a new dimension of safety, and better ventilation to your basement or lower level.

Throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa if your house is more than 20 years old, it probably has small, narrow windows in the basement. If you use that level to entertain or if someone is sleeping in a room on that level, you should strongly consider installing an egress window that will allow a safe escape in the event of fire or other home emergency. The experts at American Waterworks can help you plan a window that will meet local building code requirements and improve the safety of your living space. Don’t let family members or visiting friends and relatives stay in a lower level that doesn’t offer the safety of an egress window.

In addition to a safe exit, a new egress window is likely to provide at least 5.7 square feet of light. Imagine the amount of additional light that will come pouring into your lower level in comparison to what you currently experience. The additional brightness can add a more spacious feeling and contribute to the enjoyment of your living space year round. American Waterworks crews can also install a RockWell stone texture window well that will look attractive inside and out. The RockWell window wells are maintenance free and rust and rot proof.

Not only will your lower level be safer and brighter, you can also benefit from better ventilation. After the knowledgeable staff at American Waterworks properly installs an egress window, the opportunity for improved air circulation will reduce the chances of mold and mildew, common problems in our Midwest climate.

Don’t sit in a dark basement any longer! Call American Waterworks offices in MN, IA, and WI and request a free estimate on the installation of a high quality egress window and an attractive RockWell window well. Start enjoying the benefits of a properly installed window today.