All of the moisture we have been getting in MN, IA, and WI in combination with the repeated freezing and thawing is causing some basements walls to crack, often indicating a problem with the foundation that could progress to buckling or even collapsing basement walls.

Saturated soil around the house, especially when it is clay-based, can expand and contract creating a significant amount of pressure against basement walls. American Waterworks offers an array of professionally engineered solutions.

One effective solution includes installing wall anchors that are placed into the soil behind the foundation walls. Metal wall plates grip the wall on the inside.

They can often be installed with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape by drilling small holes in the foundation walls and mechanically screwing the anchors out into the surrounding soil. Another benefit to this approach is that it is independent of other supports for your house.

The American Waterworks teams have the special training, tools and materials to do the repair correctly, minimizing future damage possibilities. Their Foundation SupportWorks solution is less costly than many other wall bracing products and it is definitely not as disruptive as rebuilding foundation walls.

If you notice your basement walls tilting, bowing or cracking, call the experts at American Waterworks at offices near you in Southeastern MN, WI, and IA for a free consultation. Call before the damage gets worse.