The American Waterworks office servicing Southeastern MN, WI, and IA can be crucial part of your new construction team. If you are planning to build on a site that turned out to have unstable or poor load-bearing soils, American Waterworks can help.

American Waterworks can install its Foundation Supportworks helical pile system to support new homes and commercial structures in these difficult building conditions.

The helical piles in the system have bearing plates, or blades, which are sunk into the ground. The plates are welded to a shaft, giving them the strength to be wound into the ground. The builder can then form the concrete footings and structural elements of the foundation immediately after the piers are set.

The helical pile systems offers several advantages to new construction over other systems.

  • The central shaft resists bending during installation because of a 3-bolt coupling for adding extensions. It also resists buckling or twisting at higher torques than square types of shafts.
  • It can be installed in places where access is limited due to surrounding buildings or landscaping.
  • The system can be installed without vibration.
  • In addition, American Waterworks helical pile system can be installed quickly and is cost competitive. An optional galvanizing treatment also adds more protection against corrosion.

Give your new foundation all of the support you can to avoid costly repairs down the road. Call the American Waterworks office near you in Southeastern MN, WI, and IA today. Estimates come with an on-site consultation. All contracts also carry written warranties for products that are installed.