Sump Pump Systems in Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa & Western Wisconsin

Sump Pump SystemA sump pump often is your best defense against a basement full of water. An effective pump quickly will pull water out of your basement and outside your home in times of heavy rain or other accumulation.

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A sump pump at work

A sump pump is situated in a basement floor. It is connected to a drainage system along the walls around the rooms. The drains carry water to the well, where the pump is set. The pump automatically pushes the water out of the basement using a pipe or hose running through the exterior wall of the house.

Quality makes a difference

American Waterworks handles high-quality sump pumps made of cast iron. They are a cut above the standard models. If a sump pump fails to do its job when you need it most, it’s time to invest in a reliable product. Many poor models still are in the market today.

Backup Sump Pumps

Sump Pump with BackupEven the sturdiest sump pump won’t work if the electricity goes out during a rainstorm. Homeowners can guard against an electrical outage with a backup pump powered by a battery.

Maximum protection with TripleSafe

You can cover the entire water front with the TripleSafe pump system, which is available from American Waterworks. True to its name, TripleSafe combines three pumps for maximum protection against basement flooding. It guards against pump breakdowns or electrical outages. Either one can turn off a single-pump system.

TripleSafe features a primary pump for normal operation and adds a second pump, to guard against a breakdown. The backup also can work at the same time as the primary pump when water is coming too fast for it to keep up. The two pumps together more than double the capacity of the system!

TripleSafe’s third pump protects against loss of electricity. It is battery powered and automatically switches on when the power goes off. When a lightning strike takes out a transformer, this pump will go to work.

You’ll know when TripleSafe is on the job. Its WaterWatch alarm senses water in the sump’s basin and immediately sends a warning.

TripleSafe brings you maximum protection. American Waterworks also offers the SuperSump Sump Pump System, a single pump featuring two separate discharge lines. Its 1/3-horsepower motor can move 2,200 gallons of water an hour.

The SmartSump Sump Pump system is designed specifically for a crawl space. Like the SuperSump, it features a 1/3-horsepower motor, but SmartSump can be installed as a system with a vapor barrier sea. In addition, it can accept a dehumidifier discharge hose.

American Waterworks also handles the UltraSump battery-powered sump for pumping power when the electricity is out!

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