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Sidewalk Repaired in Alma, WI

A homeowner in Alma, WI, knew it was almost time to have their concrete replaced. With all the cracks and unevenness, the crew was concerned with the safety of the sidewalk. The homeowner wanted to avoid having their concrete replaced, so they looked for repair options. After comparing all of the concrete repair companies, the homeowner's eye was caught by our high ranking and reviews. The homeowner went to our website and reviewed all of our concrete services. Knowing we were the best option for concrete repair, the homeowner decided to sign up for their FREE estimate. When the estimate was set, the homeowner prepared for the arrival of one of our Design Specialists, Chuck. After Chuck arrived at the home, he introduced himself to the homeowner and began investigating the sidewalk in front of the home. Chuck determined that the sidewalk was sinking due to soil settlement. After he found the cause of the issue, Chuck could provide the homeowner with a suggested plan of action. Chuck recommended the sidewalk be lifted and leveled using PolyLevel, our polyurethane foam injection solution. Knowing this was their best option, the homeowner agreed with Chuck's suggestions. Once they received the stamp of approval, the crew traveled out to the home to begin production. Our Foreman, Dylon, and his crew arrived and began by preparing the sidewalk for the PolyLevel installation. When the sidewalk was ready, the crew inserted the PolyLevel beneath the sidewalk. After the PolyLevel was installed, the crew inserted the NexusPro Joint Sealant into the cracks of the sidewalk. After the sidewalk was properly lifted and leveled, the crew cleaned up their materials and left the home. The homeowner was grateful for the wonderful work completed by the crew. American Waterworks is happy to assist its customers in accomplishing their concrete goals. 

Crawl Space Transformed in New Lisbon, WI

Mark S. in New Lisbon, WI had a dirt crawlspace under his home. Moisture was the main concern and was leading to air quality concerns in the living space. The exposed soil was also a significant heat loss concern. He started looking into crawl space encapsulation and contacted American Waterworks for a FREE estimate. We sent one of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, to evaluate the situation and propose a unique solution to fit Mark’s needs. 

Our Foreman, Jesus Covarrubias, and his production crew began the project by removing the debris from the crawl space. Then, drainage matting was placed on the dirt soil, and Terra Block insulation was place on top to create a thermal barrier. Next, the crew installed the rim joist insulation, Cleanspace vapor barrier on the floor, and Foamax wall insulation on the walls to create an airtight barrier between the soil below and the building materials. Mark is glad he chose a long-term solution to protect his home from the consequences that typically come with having a dirt crawl space.

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Basement Waterproofed in Camp Douglas, WI

Suzie and Kevin K. in Camp Douglas, WI had water seeping through the cracks in the floor and around the perimeter of their basement. They were tired of dealing with the musty smell, and it was becoming an unhealthy space. They contacted American Waterworks, and we sent one of our Design Specialists to their home to inspect their situation and propose a solution. They approved of the plan and moved forward with the installation. 

Our Foreman, Jose Castillo, and his production team was able to successfully waterproof their basement by installing 158 feet of our WaterGuard drainage system, our SuperSump sump pump, and our recommended SaniDry dehumidifier to control the humidity. Our SaniDry removes up to 109 liters of water per day, and is more powerful and energy efficient than ever! Suzie and Kevin were pleased with the results and glad they made the investment to protect their home. 

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Camp Douglas, WI

Rick and Vicki S. of Camp Douglas, WI had water seeping through their crawl space, making them worry about mold, rats, insects, and other pests. They went online and came across American Waterworks and our crawl space waterproofing products. They called our office line and scheduled a FREE Estimate with our Design Specialist, Charles Haldeman. Charles went to their home, inspected their problems, and came up with a solution that fit their needs. Rick and Vicki were confident in the product and warranty, so they went ahead with the installation. 

Our Foreman, Cole Brinkman, and his production team started the project by installing 1,431 feet of drainage matting, which gives the water that floods into the crawl space a channel underneath the crawl space liner. It is a useful piece of material in the process to keep any crawl space dry. Next, Cole and his team installed 1,596 feet of our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, which keeps away odors, mold, termites, cockroaches, mice, and other pests that need excess moisture to survive. Rick and Vicky were both very happy with the work and had a great experience! 

Wet Basement Waterproofing in Wilton, WI

Linda and Dick B. of Wilton, WI had water coming into their unfinished basement, and they wanted to go about renovations. They called American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE estimate with our Design Specialist, Chuck. Chuck went to their home, carefully inspected their water leaks, and proposed a solution that worked for them. They were confident in the proposal, so they went ahead with the proposal. 

Our Foreman, Raul A., and his team installed our WaterGuard and Foamax Wall Panels. Our WaterGuard is an underground drain that leads to the sump pump, prevents water clogs, and collects water seepage from basement walls. Our Foamax is special insulation that keeps the basement dry, warm, and saves money on energy costs. Linda and Dick were very happy with the work and were looking forward to continuing their home renovations. 

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