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Carbon Fiber Wall Protection in Rochester, MN

Laura W. in Rochester, MN noticed a slight bow and some cracking throughout the walls in her basement. While researching foundation repair options, she contacted American Waterworks for a FREE estimate. We sent our Design Specialist, Ryan Powell, to her home to inspect the foundation and provide Laura with a solution. She was happy with Ryan's proposal and the CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System that we offer. She set a date with our production crew to install the project!

Our Foreman, Jesus Covarrubias, and his crew installed the series of 13 straps along the foundation walls to halt further movement and cracks. CarbonArmor® straps are a quick, affordable way to stabilize block and poured concrete walls that have cracked and that are showing signs of bowing. And because the straps don’t protrude from the wall, the repair can be easily covered with mortar, paint, or light wall panels. The installation process moved quickly, and Laura was happy with the result. She is glad she made the investment to protect the foundation of her home. 

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SmartJacks Stabilize Sagging Support Beams in Truman, MN

Lynda U. from Truman, MN contacted American Waterworks after doing some research online. The floors in her home were sagging and the crawl space was in need of some supports. She was happy to learn that American Waterworks has 30 years of experience and was glad to meet with Ryan Powell, one of our Design Specialists. Ryan evaluated the situation and proposed our SmartJack Support System and supplemental beams to stabilize and level the sagging beams.  

Our Foreman, Jesus Covarrubias, and his production crew were successfully able to strengthen and stabilize the crawl space with the installation of 14 SmartJacks. The support system can be installed year-round, provides supplemental support, and can often lift failing floor joists or beams, restoring them to their original position. It is made with strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel and remains adjustable for years, should it need future adjustment. Lynda was impressed with the installation process, and her peace of mind has been restored! 

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Maple Grove, MN

A homeowner in Maple Grove, MN was experiencing water seeping through their crawl space walls and floor. Design Specialist, Chad Johnson, developed a plan to transform this homeowners crawl space. Our team was able to create a cleaner and more energy-efficent space and ensure that they will never have to worry about water in their crawl space again.

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Geo-Lock Anchors Installed in Maple Grove, MN

Jon A. in Maple Grove, MN had some severe cracking in his foundation walls. He visited our booth at the Minneapolis Home and Remodeling show and spoke with our Design Specialist, Jeremy Radtke. Jon approved of what American Waterworks has to offer, and Jeremy set up an appointment with him to propose the best, cost-effective solution for his home. 

Our Foreman, Jesus Covarrubias, and his production crew were able to stabilize Jon’s foundation by installing 8 of our Geo-Lock Wall Anchors around the deteriorating foundation. They drilled long rods through the brick until they hit supportive soil. They removed the concrete in the garage where they would need to put on the plates for the anchors. They installed the plates on either end of the rod and tightened the anchors. Lastly, they replaced the concrete and cleaned up their work area. The anchors secure and stabilize the wall. They continue to straighten the walls and can be tightened over time as the wall gradually moves back into place. Our foundation repair systems are guaranteed for a lifetime, so Jon can rest easy knowing he chose a permanent solution to protect the foundation of his home.

Sump Pump Replaced in Maple Grove, MN

Brandon R. of Maple Grove, MN had water leaking from his existing sump pump so he tired American Waterworks for a FREE Estimate. Our Design Specialist, Chad Johnson, went to his home to inspect the problem and come up with a solution. Brandon got all his questions answered so he went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Raul Barroso, and his production team cut out the concrete perimeter of the basement to form a trench. In the trench, our team installed our WaterGuard System, which serves as an underground drain and transports water to the sump pump. Next, our team installed our TripleSafe Sump Pump, which provides triple the protection and solves three different sump pump problems in one system. To complete the project, Raul and his team covered the open gaps with rock and replaced the concrete. Brandon was happy with the work and no longer worries about water leaking into his basement! 

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