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Basement in Hills, MN Gets Waterproofed

Dallas K. in Hills, MN was suffering from a wet basement. Water was seeping through his block foundation and his sump pump was old and overdue for maintenance. He contacted American Waterworks to receive a FREE estimate for basement waterproofing. We sent one of our expert Design Specialists to his home to inspect the basement and develop the proper solution. After the inspection, our Design Specialist determined that Dallas would best benefit by having our full waterproofing system installed and Dallas agreed.

Our production crew started the installation by removing the concrete around the perimeter of the basement floor and laying our WaterGuard drainage system. Then, they installed our TripleSafe sump pump in place of the old sump pump and replaced the concrete over the drainage system and around the sump pump. Since water was also leaking into the basement through the block foundation, we installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier system along the basement walls. This protects the basement from moisture and potential mold growth. The installation took a few days to complete, but now Dallas and his family are enjoying a dry, bright, and healthy space!

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Sunken Concrete Driveway Raised in Adrian, MN

Jim D. in Adrian, MN had a concrete driveway that had sunk a few inches over time, creating a large trip hazard and an annoying bump when driving in and out of the garage. While looking for a concrete repair contractor, he came across American Waterworks' website and was curious to learn more about our PolyLevel foam concrete repair solution. He contacted us for a FREE estimate, so we happily sent one of our Design Specialists, Jeremy Radtke, to his home to inspect his concrete problem and find a solution. Jim liked the proposal that Jeremy developed, so he moved forward with the installation. 

One of our PolyLevel experts, Jared, drilled small holes into the concrete driveway where the foam would need to be injected in order to effectively raise the concrete. Then, he injected the foam until the driveway was once again level with the garage. Lastly, he filled the cracks in the concrete with our Nexus Pro sealant and cleaned up his work area. Jim was very pleased with the result and was glad he found a quick, durable and more affordable alternative to traditional concrete repair. 

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Basement Waterproofed in Adrian, MN

Lindsay and Ryan L. of Adrian, MN had water leaking from her foundation walls into her basement, making her feel nervous about the value of her home. She needed repairs as soon as possible so we sent out our Design Specialist, Jared Bruns. Jared inspected her problems and came up with a solution. Lindsey and Ryan got all of their questions answered, so they scheduled an installation date. 

Our Foreman, Arturo Mares, and his production team began the installation by breaking out the concrete floor perimeter, forming a trench. In the trench, our team installed 148 feet of our WaterGuard System, which is made to collect water seepage from basement walls and act like an underground drain. Next, Arturo and his team applied 50 feet of our CleanSpace Wall System, which prevents humidity and mold build-up, provides the room with a neat and clean look, and guides the water into the WaterGuard. To complete the project, Arturo and his team covered the open gaps with rock and applied new concrete. Lindsay and Ryan were happy with the results and enjoyed watching the project from start to finish! 

Bowing Walls in Luverne, MN

Kurt H. in Luverne, MN had two bowing walls in his basement. He knew that foundation problems could lead to a very costly foundation replacement, so he needed to find a contractor to repair the walls. While researching foundation repair contractors, he came across American Waterworks and decided we would be a good fit for him. He set an appointment for one of our Design Specialists, Shane Nephew, to come to his home and give him a free estimate.

Shane developed a foundation repair plan using our wall anchor system. Kurt felt that Shane's proposal was appropriate for his foundation needs, so they set an appointment for the installation. Our production team installed 11 wall anchors along two walls. The anchors were able to straighten his walls and stabilize his foundation. Our wall anchor system is guaranteed for a lifetime, so Kurt can rest easy knowing that his home is protected because he invested in permanently repairing the foundation.

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Wall Anchors Stabilize Foundation in Luverne, MN

Jerry R. in Luverne, MN noticed the cracks in his foundation were only getting larger over time. He was concerned about the structural integrity of his home, so he started doing some research online. He was happy to learn that American Waterworks has been restoring foundations for 30 years! We sent one of our Design Specialists, Jeremy Radtke, to meet with Jerry and propose the best, cost-effective solution for his home. 

Our Foreman, Hugo Sanchez, and his production crew were successfully able to stabilize Jerry’s foundation with the installation of 12 of our Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. The wall anchor system permanently stabilizes the foundation by anchoring the walls to the hard-packed soil beyond the foundation. The anchors can be tightened over time to further straighten the walls and pull them back to their original position. Jerry was impressed with the quick installation, and we are happy we could restore his peace of mind! 

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