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Todd W. of La Crosse, WI says the customer service at American Waterworks is unmatched. In fact, he has already referred his entire neighborhood after the last flood that hit La Crosse County. Shoutout to our crew members, Jeromy, Jeremiah, Dakota, and Ryan, as well as our Design Specialist, Josh, for providing him with this wonderful experience! Thank you, Todd, for sharing your story with us!  We provide FREE estimates and inspections for all of our services. Give us a call now to schedule yours today. 
Todd W. of La Crosse, WI
Tuesday, November 2nd
Roger contacted us after a glowing referral from another local farmer who chose us for a similar project. We sat down with him to hear how impressed he was with our integrity and follow-through. This past October, our Foreman, Hugo, and his crew (Gabriel R. and Daniel) worked together to restore Roger's manure pit foundation and provided him with a remarkable experience! Thank you, Roger, for choosing us!
Roger A. of Winona, MN
Thursday, December 3rd
We would like to give a shoutout to our crew of Raul B, Jorge, and Eduardo, and our Design Specialist, Rick, for providing an excellent experience for our customers. Thank you for choosing us, Randy and Janet! We appreciate the positive feedback! 
Randy and Janet S. of Charles City, IA
Tuesday, November 24th
Throwback to earlier this spring when our Service Technician, Darin, answered a service call in Menomonie, WI to repair a discharge line for one of our customers. Milo was thrilled with the repair and the overall service he received from our service team! Thank you for the kind words!  Schedule your annual maintenance today on our website!
Milo R. of Menomonie, WI
Thursday, July 30th
Throwback to last week when our Foreman, Kiko, and his crew (Diego and Fernando) provided an excellent experience for our customer in Menomonie, WI! Special shoutout to our Design Specialist, Mac, and our Account Manager, Blair, for being a helpful resource throughout the entire project! 
Phillip M. of Menomonie, WI
Thursday, August 6th
As a contractor himself, Dave says that American Waterworks has the right solutions and staff to repair many homes around our service area. He recognizes our Commercial Project Manager, Rick, our Foreman, Raul A, and his crew (Jose F. and Adan) for their workmanship and cleanliness, two of the things that grab the most attention to homeowners. Thanks for the kind words, Dave, and for referring us around your community! Are you looking for commercial or residential repair in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, radon testing/mitigation, concrete repair/lifting, or crawl space repair/encapsulation, give us a call today to schedule your FREE estimate! 
Dave M. of Clear Lake, IA
Tuesday, August 31st
Shoutout to our Design Specialist, Jesse, our Foreman, Kiko, and his crew (Diego B. and Fernando) for providing Holly and her husband, Nick, with a remarkable basement waterproofing experience! Thank you, Holly, for the kind words and for choosing us!  To view and listen to more of our customer video testimonials, click HERE! 
Holly and Nick H. of Owatonna, MN
Tuesday, May 25th
We sat down with Fred and Nancy W. to hear about the water problems they have dealt with for years. Our Design Specialist, Dylan, was able to provide the right solution and our Foreman, Cole, and his crew were able to give our customers an experience they will never forget. Thank you, Fred and Nancy, for choosing us! 
Fred and Nancy W. of Webster, WI
Tuesday, August 18th
We'd like to highlight our hardworking crews and team members that have provided remarkable experiences for our customers! We provide FREE estimates for all of our services. Get in contact with us to schedule yours today!
Happy Customers i. of Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, November 23rd
Shayna said she chose us because we educated her with a well-designed solution over the other contractors she received a bid from. Shoutout to our Design Specialist, Dylan, our Foreman, Kiko, his crew, and our office staff for making the process so simple!  We provide FREE, no-obligation estimates for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair/encapsulation, radon testing/mitigation, and concrete repair/lifting. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE estimate! 
Shayna M. of Sartell, MN
Wednesday, September 8th
We would like to highlight two of our crews and our Design Specialist, Ryan, for the work they performed for our customers, Gary and Cindy, in Worthington. Shoutout to our concrete crew (Troy and Cory S.) for repairing their uneven and cracked driveway, and shoutout to our foundation/waterproofing crew (Dylon V., Jonathan B., and Carlos) for restoring their wet basement and bowed foundation!  Thank you for choosing us, Gary and Cindy! It was a pleasure working with you both and we appreciate the kind words! 
Gary and Cindy L. of Worthington, MN
Tuesday, September 29th
We would like to acknowledge our crew of Hugo, Gabriel, Daniel, Fredy, and our Design Specialist, Chad, for providing an amazing experience for our customers in Little Falls, MN. Thank you, Seth and Kayla, for choosing us and for sharing your experience about how much of a difference we could make for you and your home repair needs!  To hear from other customers and their success stories with our team, click HERE! 
Seth and Kayla J. of Little Falls, MN
Tuesday, January 12th
We are happy to recognize our crew of Matt, Dylon, Zach, and our Design Specialist, Ian, for providing a pleasant and courteous experience for our customers in Fargo! Thank you, Patricia and Terry, for choosing us!  To view more of our customer video testimonials, click HERE! 
Patricia and Terry M. of Fargo, ND
Tuesday, January 12th
Today, we would like to acknowledge our crew of Tremaine, Matt, Patrick, Clay, and our Service Technician, Darin, for providing an excellent experience for our customers in Tomah! Thank you, James and Carol, for continuing to choose us! 
James and Carol B. of Tomah, WI
Tuesday, February 9th
We would like to recognize our concrete crew (Dylon M. and Steven), our radon crew (Geno and Dakota), and our Design Specialist, Kevin K., for providing a remarkable experience for our customers. Special thank you to Bruce and his wife for choosing us! We appreciate the inspiring words! 
Bruce A. of Prairie du Chien, WI
Tuesday, October 6th
The design specialist was thorough, knowledgeable and gave me the time to make my decision without pressure.  I chose American Waterworks because of their lifetime warranty without any conditions, lower price than other Basement Systems providers and better presentation.  
Jonathan K. of Onalaska, WI
Monday, May 2nd
We are totally satisfied with all aspects of your company & would recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks for your work.  Tom is one of the most courteous and knowledgeable people we have had the pleasure to work with.  Best people to work with Timeliness of getting work done.
Melvin & Mardell S. of Cresco, IA
Thursday, December 8th
Service is always top notch! We brag you up any chance we get. Not many buisnesses stand behind their work the way you do. You're the reason we still have our home and we love you for it! 
Randy and Diane R. of Plainfield, IA
Thursday, July 12th
I love the final outcome!  The grouting done by my garage doors is seamless.  All of the people working were so friendly.  They truly care that they're doing a great job.  Rick was very professional, thorough, believed in the product and very personable/easy to talk to.
Deb T. of Rochester, MN
Thursday, November 10th
Greetings Mr. Janesky,My husband and I are currently involved in an extension renovation project that included working with one of your Basement Systems teams.  (I wish I could say that we opted to embark on this adventure, but unfortunately, it was all prompted by a mold issue in our home that had to be addressed.)  After working with a wonderful mold remediation team, we were scheduled to work with American Waterworks based out of Pine Island, MN. The American Waterworks team has been outstanding to work with throughout the entire process.  Before we even met with our design specialist, Mike Radosevich, he mailed us a packet of information that included your Dry Basement Science book which I read cover-to-cover.  After reading the book, I had so many questions (about how these systems would work in my house specifically), but my meeting with Mike was still several weeks away.  While at Menards on a weekend, I came across a gentleman and his wife who were shopping.  He was wearing an American Waterworks jacket, so I stopped him and asked him if he worked for them.  He said he did and introduced himself as Tom Webbles.  I explained my situation and asked him if he would mind if I asked him a few questions.  He and his wife were so lovely.  They patiently listened, and Tom happily answered all of my questions. My meeting with Mike Radosevich came next.  Mike was pleasant and professional from the beginning, and he genuinely showed concern for our family as we were dealing with the mold issues in our home.  He even made a way for the work in our home to be expedited so that we could try to get most of the entire project (beyond just their work) finished before I returned to school for the Fall.  (I’m a teacher.)  Before the work began, we also met Jeremy Girgen who brainstormed with Mike and helped us negotiate some solutions for running the Sanidry system. (Our home runs on a boiler/baseboard heating system and not a furnace with central air so it wasn’t a straight-forward install.)  Jeremy shared a lot of basement expertise with us throughout the entire process.When it came time for the actual install, Matt Zeller and his crew were fantastic.  They walked us through the entire process and answered any questions we had along the way.  They were professional and experienced and had excellent workmanship.  After their install, they asked if there was anything more that we would like them to clean up!Mike has since followed up with us and has consulted with follow-up contractors as questions came up with framing around the new system.  He has had excellent communication with us throughout the whole process and made himself available whenever we needed him.Although the system is still so new, we trust that it will live up to its reputation.  It was quite a pricey investment (and the rest of the reno project numbers continue to skyrocket out of control as every day there is something else to address!), but we do believe that what was installed will resolve our moisture issues.I tell you all of this because I believe that customer service departments typically hear from dissatisfied customers and that owners/employers/CEOs should know when their employees/workers/crews go above and beyond. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,Anne Moberg
Anne & Chris M. of Rochester, MN
Wednesday, August 30th
Jeromy, Lane, and Jeremiah was the crew that worked to make my basement water-free. They are three of the nicest gentleman and were hard working. Each day, they were here by 9:30am and worked nonstop except for lunch and a break until around 8pm each day. They asked if it waws alright to work late and of course I said yes. They explained their process as they went along. They explained it so I could understand it. They worked so diligently and worked well together. I can't say enough great things about them and their work. In fact, they ran out of sealer and Jeromy, the crew chief is coming back on Saturday to complete it. They represented your company so well as I am sure they do where they work. Keep that crew together and employed for a long time. Thank you Jeromy, Lane, and Jeremiah for a great experience! 
Miriam B. of Stacyville, IA
Wednesday, July 29th
The people of American Waterworks are miracle workers -- and just really good people. Every person I've worked with within this company really cares about their customers. They do the right thing and do meticulous work. They recently helped restore my 1900 Victorian to its original glory by raising the house 5 inches on one side after decades of settling -- we're talking old, cranky beams that have been askew for years and years. My foundation is made of stone and where most foundation companies wouldn't touch this job, American Waterworks was up to the task. They set my expectations that maybe my floors wouldn't be level. But under the professional leadership of the foreman on the job, darned if they didn't level those floors. Oh and they did it in a week -- they even came on a Saturday to finish the job. I am so thankful for their understanding, respect and the care they took with helping me realize the vision I had for this home when I bought it. 5 stars all the way.
Amy C. of Woodville, WI
Tuesday, June 18th
What led me to select American Waterworks over another company?  Amy found you on the internet after searching unsuccessfully locally for two months. Your website is effective because Amy was able to see immediately that you did what we needed. What are my thoughts on the office staff?  They were excellent. They got us on the schedule quickly, even though we are in Hudson, WI.  What are my thoughts on the Design Specialist?  Chuck spent a lot of time looking at our crawl space thoroughly and explaining options for solutions clearly. He seemed trustworthy and very knowledgeable.  What are my thoughts on the installation process and crew?  Top rate! The crew worked HARD. The Foreman clearly explained a couple of changes to the plan. They ran into multiple obstacles, including a 3' x 3' boulder in our yard below grade, and in every case, overcame them!  Was the clean-up satisfactory?  YES! Will I be a reference?  YES! My additional comments:  From top to bottom, you all did a really amazing job and we are so happy that we don't have to worry about our foundation anymore. The job was a significant financial investment but we can see why and it's worth it. You did exactly the job we needed, which multiple other companies couldn't do. We would love to serve as a positive reference! Thank you!
Jonathan and Amy H. of Hudson, WI
Monday, November 23rd
Shane, the Design Specailist, walked me through the process from start to finish and explained the products being used with NO shortcuts. Other companies were taking shortcuts, and the outcome wouldn't have been the same. I wanted the job to be completed correctly and with a warranty. The office staff was wonderful, nice, and professional! Shane was fantastic! I appreciate his help through the process. He is professional and can be trusted. Juan and his crew were also fantastic, worked hard, and finished the job. The installation was top notch - fantastic work! The crew worked hard, they were courteous, professional, and completed the job ahead of schedule. I have already referred others to American Waterworks. I sincerely appreciate the no shortucts and doing the job right! My first concern was the wet basement, which has already been addressed. My second concern was warmer floors during winter months, and I will be looking forward to seeing how it works! I'm sure it will be warmer. Please pass on a thank you to everyone involved! Thanks! 
Joe K. of Saint Paul, MN
Wednesday, June 26th
We are getting a decent rain and happy to say so far so good. Thanks for your hard work and for repairing the non working system. I will let you know if my basement takes on any water. You have great work ethic & you're good people!
Steve T. of Minneapolis, MN
Wednesday, September 5th
I really want to compliment the crew with American Waterworks. Throughout the install of my sump pump system, they would bring me in to look at what they were doing and make sure I was happy. They were very polite, courteous, and went the extra mile to keep our space clean. When they left, the entire project looked neat and professional. They left me with a lot of peace of mind that this was done and done right. I also want to compliment the front desk gal at their Rochester office. I stopped in there initially to get some information and she was so helpful and polite and went out of her to make sure I had all the information that I needed. When I left there, I already had a good feeling about having them do this work. Lastly, I want to compliment Eric, our sales rep. Unlike another company based out of Mankato that quoted me on this, who was a very argumentative salesperson, Eric listened to what I needed done and worked with me. The experience with him and the fair price he gave made it easy to hire them to do this project. I would recommend this company 100%.
Bob G. of Mapleton, MN
Tuesday, October 19th
The Design Specialist was very good and accomodating. He stuck around for an extra 2 hours for my wife to get home and go over the plan. The office staff was polite and helpful, and the crew was one of the best I've encountered! All around great service from start to finish. 
Mark J. of Sherburn, MN
Wednesday, July 11th
I had googled for information about the work I wanted. I saw the website and the information listed and they worked in our area. I liked that the company offered different systems. The office staff was very good. They consistently provided information leading up to the project start date. Eric, my Design Specialist, was very good and very accommodating. He looked at the problem and what we wished to do and developed a plan to meet our needs. He was also always prompt at getting back to us. The installation crew was great! The crew arrived when they said they would and got started right away. It was hard work but they completed the project quickly! The whole project went better than I expected. The crew did great work and we really appreciated how they protected things from dust and cleaned up afterwards. 
Curtis and Janeen B. of Brewster, MN
Thursday, July 16th
Our basement was a big project with 2 different levels. The guys started on Monday and were done by Thursday. They were very courteous to us, our kids and home. I felt bad all the running up and down the stairs they were doing carrying broken concrete and stone. But they worked hard and I really didnt see them just stand around. Was very impressed. It has been tested and our basement is dry! We now don't panic when it rains!!
Brandi B. of Hillsboro, WI
Wednesday, May 29th
What a wonderful hardworking crew!  Clean up was super!  Never a doubt if anything went wrong it would be taken care of.  Complete trust in your staff!
Joan D. of Tomah, WI
Friday, September 16th
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