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Cracked Brick Foundation in Southern MN, North Dakota, Northeast IA & Western WI

Solutions for every problem. If your foundation is cracked, buckling, or has other damage, our experts can restore your home to a safe, functional condition.

Foundation problems can impact your entire home's safety, appearance, and value. So if your home has a foundation problem, you need the right repairs the first time.

American Waterworks has over 31 years of experience providing Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin homeowners effective home foundation repairs. Our solutions are custom-designed, come with a 25-year warranty, and are installed by trained professionals.

Contact us to schedule a professional foundation inspection and get a free foundation repair estimate. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Fargo, ND, Minneapolis, Rochester, MN, and areas nearby.

Common Foundation Problems in Fargo, Minneapolis, Rochester

Common Foundation Problems

We can help you restore foundation damage such as bowing walls, cracking floors, expansive soils, and all other types of problems throughout Minneapolis, MN and nearby.

Foundation Repair Products

Foundation Repair Products

With foundation piers, wall anchors, crawl space jacks, and other products, we have the right solution to all types of foundation issues.

Cost of Foundation Repair in Southern MN, North Dakota, Northeast IA & Western WI

Cost of Foundation Repair

Concerned about cost? Our experts will help you understand everything your home needs and why, ensuring you get the right services and price.

About Foundation Supportworks

About Foundation Supportworks

As part of the international Foundation Supportworks network, we provide unparalleled products and service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about foundation repair

  • How much does foundation repair cost in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin?

    The cost of foundation repair depends on the exact problem. Foundation damage can be caused by poor soil drainage, expansive clay, poorly compacted soil, or lack of maintenance. These can lead to foundation cracks, foundation leaks, a settling foundation, and bowing basement walls. The cost of the repair depends on the method that's used, such as foundation piers and underpinning, slab leveling, wall anchors, and crawl space jacks. Having your foundation inspected and repaired as soon as you notice an issue is the most affordable and effective solution. Schedule your professional foundation inspecton today for a free cost estimate on your foundation repair.

  • What are the best foundation repair options?

    The best foundation repair technique depends on the cause of your specific foundation problem and the type of foundation you have. Common foundation repair techniques include piering and underpinning for settling foundations, slab leveling for uneven concrete foundations, steel anchors for stabilizing bowing walls, and pier and beam repairs for sunken crawl space foundations. As a foundation expert, American Waterworks can evaluate your situation and recommend the best solution.

  • Can I fix my foundation problem myself?

    Minor foundation cracks could be a sign of normal settlement. Cosmetic damage caused by minor foundation issues can usually be repaired by the homeowner. If the structural integrity of the foundation has been affected, then a professional foundation repair contractor should be hired to make the repairs.

Get your free foundation repair cost estimate

Are you looking for a foundation repair company in Minneapolis, MN? Or are you experiencing bowing walls and foundation settlement in Fargo, ND? No matter the foundation issue, American Waterworks has the solution for your home.

Contact American Waterworks today to schedule your free professional foundation inspection at a time that's convenient for you. We provide our foundation repair services to homeowners all throughout Minneapolis, Fargo, Rochester, Bismarck, St. Cloud and many surrounding areas.

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