Shipshape Monitoring

Shipshape Sump Pump & Dehumidifier Monitoring in Greater Fargo

Shipshape ensures your waterproofing system is efficient

Sump Pump Monitoring Technology in Greater Fargo

Shipshape is where technology and service combine to save you time, money, and energy.

American Waterworks has partnered with Shipshape to bring homeowners throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin the next generation in waterproofing solutions. Shipshape proactively monitors your sump pump, dehumidifier, and condensate pump performance, providing peace of mind that your crawl space or basement waterproofing system is protecting your home. Benefits of the Shipshape system include:

  • Preventing costly damage from breakdowns and extending appliances' lifespans by reminding you of routine repairs and maintenance
  • Helping you save money if your system uses too much energy or is overworking
  • Ensuring a safe, reliable home and preventing leaks and flooding by keeping your system efficient at all times

Schedule a free estimate on our crawl space repair, basement waterproofing services, or our Shipshape monitor today. We proudly serve Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin areas throughout Minneapolis, Rochester, St. Paul, and nearby.

Why choose Shipshape performance monitoring?

Sump Pump Performance in Minneapolis
Crawl Space Humidity Warning in Rochester

Shipshape is where technology and home service combine to save you time, money, and energy! With Shipshape, you can have confidence that your sump pump, dehumidifier, and condensate pump are working around the clock. You can remotely monitor and receive alerts about the systems' power usage, crawl space or basement humidity and temperature, and any possible leaks 24/7. Other advantages of the Shipshape system include:

  • Never being surprised by an unexpected breakdown or damage with remote monitoring
  • AlertActions saving you time, money, and energy by sending notifications about system problems, maintenance needs, and more
  • No more unexpected expenses with estimated maintenance and replacement costs
  • Extending the lifespan of appliances with maintenance reminders
  • Avoiding costly crawl space or basement flooding and leaking by ensuring a reliable waterproofing system

No matter where you are, you can ensure a healthy, efficient, and secure crawl space or basement waterproofing system with mobile alerts. And you can stay up-to-date with system maintenance and repairs!

How the Shipshape monitoring system works

Shipshape upgrades homes and transforms communities with convenient, real-time monitoring to keep a safe, dry below-grade space. By monitoring your system's maintenance and repair needs, energy usage, and performance, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save energy, improve your family's health by eliminating mold and other airborne hazards, and save money by avoiding costly repairs and lowering utility costs.

Getting started with Shipshape is easy — here's how it works:

1. Choose the appliances you want to monitor

Whether you want to monitor your sump pumps, dehumidifiers, water heaters, or condensate pump, the Shipshape system connects to new and existing appliances.

2. Connect the appliances to Shipshape hardware

From the Smart Power Switch to the Multi Sensor system and Smart Thermostate, we recommend the perfect Shipshape technology for your situation and provide professional installations.

3. Download & use the mobile app

With the Shipshape mobile app, you receive:

  • Real-time remote monitoring of your appliances and basement 24/7
  • AlertActions on any critical warnings and notifications, including possible maintenance, damage, and leaking, with diagnostic data
  • A Home Dashboard that includes outdoor and indoor temperatures and humidity levels, the system's status, and a HomeHealth Score
  • A HomeHealth Score provides the reliability of your basement and system based on its efficiency
  • Budgeting with expected system maintenance costs for the next year
  • Around-the-clock service with help from a service provider at just a touch of a button
4. Get Pro Monitoring & home assistance
  • 24/7 Pro Monitoring: Actively monitor the systems you rely on around the clock with Shipshape's United States-based team. The advanced analytics and instant alerts arm you with the real-time information and expertise needed to act on problems as they happen.
  • Shipshape home assistants: Do you want real-time advice and assistance to maintain the systems in your home? Whether you're asking about Shipshape solutions or other improvement projects, the Shipshape team will be ready to help!
5. Connect with your providers

Keeping your appliances functioning is not a one-person job — that is why Shipshape allows you to connect with multiple providers to ensure your system gets the attention it deserves, including:

  • American Waterworks
  • Contractors
  • Utility companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurance companies

Features of the Shipshape monitoring system

Shipshape allows you to monitor the system performance of any sump pump, dehumidifier, and condensate pump. It also monitors and sends alerts about the crawl space or basement temperature, humidity levels, and possible leaking. Other features include:

  • Connects to new & existing appliances
  • Integrates with smart home devices
  • Allows you to manage service providers
  • Stores service history

Create a safer home with Shipshape technology!

Create a safer, more valuable home with the Shipshape monitoring system from American Waterworks! We offer basement waterproofing, crawl space repair services, and Shipshape monitoring technology throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, including Bismarck, St. Paul, Maple Grove, St. Cloud, Eden Prairie, Burnsville, Eau Claire, Fargo, Minneapolis, Rochester, and nearby. Call 1-844-801-9520 or click below to schedule a free estimate today!

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