American Waterworks Q&A

How much do your services cost?

The price range can vary depending on the service and severity of the issue. We offer free no-obligation estimates so that homeowners can receive an accurate quote for their project.

Why is annual maintenance necessary?

Dirt and sediment build-up in a sump pump liner can cause pump failure and if that happens you get flooded. Your sump pump is an electro-mechanical device that needs to be maintained just like your car. Neglecting to get your pump serviced can result in water in your basement. For foundation repair, it is also important to have your wall repair systems inspected and tightened over time. You can request an annual maintenance by clicking HERE.

To learn more about why getting annual maintenance is important, click HERE

Do I need to do anything in preparation for my free estimate?

No preparation is needed but the Design Specialist calls the homeowner before the appointment and they may request something in order to have better vision.

Are you looking to request and schedule your free estimate today? It's easy! Click HERE to fill out our online form.

Do I need to be there for my free estimate?

We do require somebody to be there so we can go over the full scope of issues and properly report our findings in order to discuss options for repair.

Click HERE to learn what the eight pro trips are when it comes to choosing the right contractor. 

What is your service area?

We service Minnesota, North Dakota, western Wisconsin, and northeast Iowa. To see a detailed list of counties we serve, click HERE

Why can't you provide a quote over the phone?

Our Design Specialists are certified and trained to inspect all areas that could potentially cause problems. We offer a wide range of solutions for each problem so our experts need to go over all potential solutions and right-size the project for the customer's needs. In-person inspections are required so that we can provide a complete solution.

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Why is water leaking into my basement?

Basements can flood from pretty much anywhere, such as from walls, windows, floor cracks, stairways, or pipes. The most common causes of basement leaks are due to the pressure created by water found in the soil surrounding your foundation.

To learn more about why basements leak and how we can fix it, click HERE

Why is an interior drainage system better than an exterior one?

Interior drainage systems are longer-lasting and more durable than exterior drainage systems. This is because exterior drainage systems can clog up with dirt and become useless over time. When the system gets clogged, it is difficult to access since they are buried underground or beneath landscaping, and therefore becomes nearly impossible to flush out the system. Other risks such as buried gas/water lines, sewage, or electrical wiring can also make repairs extremely hard to take care of, especially if it involves excavation.

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Is it necessary to get a battery back-up for my sump pump?

We always recommend a battery back-up in the event that the house loses power during a storm and it’s not able to continue pumping out water.

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What causes my foundation to settle or crack?

Before a home is built, a hole is dug so the construction process can begin. Nearly every house can “settle” into place in one way or another. Yes, your home does rest on solid ground, but the ground beneath your home is made up of many different layers of soil. With time, these layers of soil can wash out, soften, and shrink causing your foundation to settle or crack.

Read our blog to learn more about what causes foundation failure and what American Waterworks can do for you. 

How can I tell if my foundation is in need of repair?

If you notice your foundation walls bowing, cracking, or settling, we recommend that you have it inspected. Other signs are sagging and cracked floors, sticky doors and windows, and tilting chimneys.

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Why is it important to have my dirt crawl space sealed/encapsulated?

By encapsulating your crawl space, you can make your home more energy-efficient by keeping cold air out and warm air in. It can give you valuable storage space, keeps away mold, pests, and rodents, and prevents musty smells throughout the home.

Read our blog to learn more about why and how your dirt crawl space can affect all the areas of your home. 

What causes a house to have high radon levels?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that breaks down from uranium and attaches to particles in the air that can cause air quality to be compromised. As a gas, radon can enter any home through cracks, holes, or any other openings. In particular, radon enters homes through a process known as the "stack effect", which practically sucks the gas right into the home.

Read our blog to learn about the importance of getting your home tested for radon. 

Are you curious about the radon levels in your state? Click HERE to learn about the radon level statistics throughout our country state by state. 

Can radon affect pets?

Yes, in fact, pets and children are even more susceptible to be affected by radon because their lungs are smaller and they are lower to the ground, which is where the radon comes from.

Click HERE to learn more about the radon effects on pets. 

Why does my concrete sink?

When concrete sinks or cracks, it can cause issues such as pooling water, uneven surfaces, and potentially dangerous tripping hazards. The stability of any concrete surface is dependent on the soils beneath it. The weight of concrete and what it supports, combined with natural soil erosion, can lead to sunken and uneven concrete surfaces.

Read our blog to learn more about why concrete sinks and how we can repair it. 

Why is PolyLevel more effective than mudjacking?

Our warrantied PolyLevel solution is much less-invasive and only takes 15 minutes to cure, whereas mudjacking takes roughly a full day and is messier. The holes that are drilled for PolyLevel are significantly smaller than mudjacking holes. Mudjacking washes out quicker, therefore, causing your concrete to need repair again.

To learn more about why PolyLevel is better than mudjacking, click HERE

Can you install all of your systems year-round?

Yes, we can install all of our systems year-round except for concrete during the winter and cold months. At American Waterworks, we provide systems and services that can solve a variety of different problems throughout each season. Our company is driven to restore, protect, and repair your basement from water damage, structural problems, crawl space from inefficiency, and ensure you are breathing in safe air. 

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