What Causes Foundation Failure?

Overview: Foundation Failure

Before a home is built, a hole is dug so the construction process can begin. With that said, nearly every house can “settle” into place in one way or another. You might think your home rests on solid ground, but the ground beneath your home is made up of many different layers of soil. With time, these layers of soil can wash out, soften, and shrink causing your foundation to settle or crack. When this occurs, our Design Specialists inspect the problems, take into consideration other foundation issues, and provide the best solutions that fit you and your home repair needs. To request a Free Estimate, call our office today or fill out our request form HERE!

So, what specifically causes the soil to do this?

As the soil gets wet, it can retain water and get very soft. The soil then becomes weak, causing the home to sink into it. Think of it like stepping into a mud pit. When you step down, your foot “squishes” into the mud without any pressure. When soil becomes wet and soft, your home’s footing will eventually do the same thing.

During heavy rainfall or large snowmelt, heavy amounts of water can enter the soil surrounding your home. In some scenarios, the amount of water can cause the soil to wash away around or beneath the home, leaving empty spaces that cannot support the weight or structure of the home. This can cause part of your home’s foundation to crack and settle as it sinks into the voids.

While too much rain can cause problems, the lack of rain can cause issues also. When dry periods or droughts extend for weeks, months, or years, soil can dry out and shrink. As the soil around the home shrinks, it creates a space for the home to settle into.

When developing neighborhoods, sometimes the soil is not well compacted in the first place. Due to that, the foundation can compress under the weight of the home, causing it to settle. This means that many homeowners could be susceptible to foundation settlement.

So, what can American Waterworks do for you?

The type of foundation you have could also play a role, such as basements, crawl spaces, slab on grade, etc. Some types of foundations are more common than others in different parts of the country, which is why we offer free no-obligation estimates. American Waterworks has the longest-lasting, most reliable solutions, and over 30 years of experience repairing thousands of homes. Our team is professionally trained to investigate complex problems and provide the right solutions the first time.

The peace of mind, quality of life, property value, and safety you are looking for in your home is crucial, and if not diagnosed soon enough, the issues you see will only get worse and more expensive over time.

To read and learn more about foundation problems and what causes them, click HERE

What are some visual examples of foundation failure? View below: 

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