How Can Your Chimney Tell You That You Have a Foundation Issue

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 by Kal Aldrich


Your chimney can sometimes feel like a supplementary part of your home and can be overlooked as not a threat. However, since the chimney is part of the structural build, hazardous symptoms may show, leading to extreme problems. Some homeowners may think that filling the void with foam, caulk, or other sticky materials will solve the problem, but since that is only a temporary fix, the problem will not go away until it is too late.  

Why do chimneys lean anyway?

Leaning or crumbling chimneys are the most important symptoms to keep an eye out for. Since a leaning chimney is a sign of a serious foundation problem, we recommend observing the rest of the home in case of any other issues. Chimneys sometimes tend to have a missing footing because it is not made with the necessary structural support that it needs; therefore, it will eventually fail. A homeowner who sees this occurring needs to get in contact with a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible.

Another reason why chimneys tilt is due to the soil that the home is built on. If the soil that supports the chimney is not adequate to hold its weight, the chimney will sink, which makes it separate from the rest of the home. Since a full chimney has the potential to weigh thousands of pounds, its foundation and the soil will not be able to support it. Along with brick and other parts of the chimney falling off, pests, water, and other critters can make their way through the gaps, causing problems related to rotting and water contamination.

What can American Waterworks do for you?

At American Waterworks, we provide solutions to keep your chimney in line with the rest of your home, as well as other foundation problems that you may face. These products and systems include foundation piers, foundation wall repair solutions, support posts, and much more. Whether you have a tilted chimney, sloping floor, or interior or exterior foundation cracks, American Waterworks has efficient, authorized solutions that will solve your home repair problems and restore your peace of mind. To schedule your free estimate today, call our office line or click HERE to request your free, no-obligation estimate!

A chimney that is leaning and separating from your home is an indication that deeper issues are present.


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