What is NexusPro and Why is it Important?


Concrete shifts and settles due to the soil below it. Softening and eroding of the soil can occur with the open joints and cracks allowing water underneath the concrete which leads to the shifting and settling of the concrete. A solution to prevent this is to seal all the joints and cracks. 

NexusPro is a silicone-based sealant that seals joints and cracks in your concrete slab and helps prevent the water from softening and/or eroding the soil underneath. Sealing all the cracks in your patio, driveway, sidewalk, garage, etc. is a crucial step in guaranteeing the long-lasting durability of your concrete. An added bonus is that it provides a neat, clean look to your concrete, which can add to the curb appeal of your home. 

Secure Your Concrete from Soil Erosion

The state of soil that is underneath your concrete can cause your slab to shift or settle, creating a cracked or uneven surface. For example, when surface water runs through the open cracks, it invades the soil causing it to disintegrate or wear away. To prevent moisture from seeping into the soil beneath the surface, those cracks must be sealed. Some may think they can seal their concrete with urethane caulk from their local home repair store, but with time, that solution can cause drying out, bubbling, or cracking. NexusPro is not only functional in preventing moisture from invading the soil, but it also gives the home a fresh, clean appearance. 

NexusPro Advantages

NexusPro has many advantages over traditional concrete crack repairs. It is a fast application, and it dries quickly. Unlike other urethane caulking systems that may take 24-72 hours to dry, NexusPro can dry within just 60 minutes. NexusPro can stand up to rough weather conditions and is resistant to UV rays to prevent cracking, foaming, or drying, whereas normal caulking products can dry up over time. NexusPro ensures a professional installation and appearance and is proven to last for more than 20 years. In contrast, traditional urethane systems last only 10 years or less. When water invades the soil underneath the concrete, the concrete cracks or becomes uneven. Because of its extremely flexible material where it can expand to twice its original width or compress to half the original width, NexusPro seals those cracks, which prevents that from happening.

How Is It Installed?

The first step in the NexusPro process is to prepare the cracks and joints. Preparation could include removing all debris, any existing sealant, and grinding the cracks to provide a clean surface to bond to. Second, our NexusPro is applied to the crack and compressed down into the joint or crack with a tool that provides a concaved impression of the NexusPro. Lastly, the joints and cracks are blended with a fine layer of sand that is locally sourced. The purpose of the sand is to give the concrete an orderly, polished appearance. Overall, NexusPro is quick to install and quick to cure the issue! 

What Can American Waterworks Do For You? 

If you have a cracked concrete slab, our professionals at American Waterworks are here to help with solutions to seal your defenseless joints and cracked concrete. Call our office today or click HERE to schedule your no-obligation, FREE estimate. If you have more questions about our NexusPro, click HERE to read our FAQ page on cracked concrete. 

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