8 Common Signs of Foundation Issues in Homes or Buildings

Common Signs of Foundation Issues:

1. Foundation cracks and cracks on the floor or the wall

Most wall and foundation cracks are 5-15 millimeters and are horizontal. When the cracks are horizontal, the outside border of the foundation is under a lot of pressure. If the cracks are formed in a 45 degree angle, that usually means that the foundation movement is severe and needs to be looked at immediately. Soil discharge and harsh weather are usually the causes for this specific problem.  

2. Foundation falling or sinking

At some point, you may see or notice that one side of your home is lower than the other, or that the center of your building looks lower than normal. If that's the case, your foundation will most likely need to be lifted and will need to be fixed by interior or exterior foundation piers, which are one of the most beneficial installation methods for any foundation issue. 

3. Foundation upheavel

Moisture, heavy rain, and plumbing problems are the 3 main causes of foundation upheavel. The weight of the soil can be high enough to the point where it boosts your foundation upward. The common measurement that you'll be able to notice is between 1 to 3 inches.  

4. Doors that stick and don't open or close correctly

When inside doors are damaged, they're likely to stick or drag at the top of the doorframe. Outside doors with foundation problems are likely to drag at the bottom of the doorway and look uneven. Sometimes when doors don't open and close, it's due to the humidity that follows after a bad thunderstorm or flooding. 

5. Gaps surrounding doors or window frames

When this occurs, the doors no longer latch, and the window frames appear to be crooked and no longer operate efficiently. 

6. Sagging and unbalanced floors

When floors get to this point, it becomes a safety hazard, especially with young children, elderly parents or grandparents, and those who are physically debilitated. They first appear to be uneven by about 1/2 inches, but it can get up to about 2 to 3 inches. 

7. A damp crawl space

Lots of moisture can cause floors and wooden beams underneath your home or building to rot. If you live in an area where it rains heavily, it's important to have an efficient foundation draining system. 

8. Cabinets or counters separating from the wall 

Cabinets and counters can move up to 1/2 inches away from the wall. If something on your wall is askew or not hanging correctly, something is controlling your foundation and making it uneven. 

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