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American Waterworks Case Studies: Radon Mitigation System Installed in Eitzen, MN

Monday, January 7th, 2019 by Anne Webbles


Radon is a naturally occurring tasteless and odorless radioactive gas produced by uranium decay in rocks and soil. It is the #2 leading cause of lung cancer and can be found in every state in the United States. Often, radon levels are higher in the winter. Carol P. in Eitzen, MN had her home tested for radon, and unfortunately, the results showed that she was living with dangerous levels of radon. The EPA recommends that homeowners mitigate if the results are at or above 4 pCi/L. Since her test results were high, she decided to contact American Waterworks and have our mitigation system installed. We sent a Design Specialist who developed a system design that was unique to Carol's home. 


Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, created a suction point through the concrete floor in the basement of the home. He inserted a PVC pipe into the suction point, so the radon has a path to travel. He ran the PVC piping up the basement wall, out of the home, and up through the roof. There is a fan installed near the top of the PVC pipe to ensure that the gas is pushed out and away from the home. The installation process was quick, only taking half a day to complete. Carol is glad she took the necessary measures to protect her family from radon gas. 

Project Summary

Design Specialist: Mac Cole

Foreman: Dakota Merchlewitz

Installing Contractor: American Waterworks

Products Installed: Radon Mitigation System

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