Mindset of the Month - Eric Lopez

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 by Kal Aldrich

1. What do you enjoy about your role as an American Waterworks Service Manager?

“The ability to not only be able to help our customers, but to be able to be a role model for our employees. I get a sense of accomplishment from that.”

2. What motivates you to live by American Waterworks core values?

“The thought of being able to give peace of mind to homeowners, and the impact I can give to our customers knowing that it is one less stress that they have to deal with. As for our team, if someone needs assistance, we are there to help them and back them up. This is the first company I have ever been a part of to have something like that. It is like having a family. Also, we are here to redefine. Everybody has had a bad experience with a contractor, but we want to show our customers that we are different and make sure they are aware that we are a company they can trust.”

3. What is your most memorable moment since you started at American Waterworks? 

“When I first started, one of our service technicians needed some assistance at a homeowner’s house and it was getting late in the day. I showed up to help him and I could tell he was relieved. Another service technician came to help behind me. Since that moment, it was one of my biggest memories working with those guys, especially since they were more experienced than me. The teamwork involved was awesome. There are a lot of moments where that has happened within the company and that is why it is so rewarding to work here. Nothing beats a quiet drive home after accomplishing something.”

4. What advice would you give to an employee?

“Never be afraid to ask questions that will help you grow or better yourself. Everybody is always afraid to ask a dumb question but there is no such thing as a stupid question.”

5. Favorite sports team?

“Los Angeles Dodgers, they finally won their first World Series after 32 years!”

6. What do you love to do outside of work? 

“Spend time with my family. I have two little girls and it is amazing the things I can do with them. I especially like to build sandcastles with them.”

7. Hometown? What is so great about it? 

“Los Angeles, California. I love Randy Donuts, which is a small ice cream shop. My brothers and I used to go there late at night. I also loved the nightlife feel.”

8. Spirit animal?

“A lion because they are a leader and they are very protective of their family and peers.”

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