Cracking the Code: Dealing with Cracked and Damaged Concrete

Spring is just around the corner and the days are getting longer and warmer! As the ice begins to melt, you’ll start to notice the more beautiful things Spring has to offer, like the lush green grass, trees budding in reaction to the changing temperatures, and birds chirping. That being said, you’ll also begin to notice the unsightly bits of Spring, like the mud, pooling water, and concrete driveways and sidewalks that have been damaged by the harsh winter elements. Lucky for you, American Waterworks specializes in repairing and lifting concrete to restore it to its former beauty.


Spotting the Causes:

Cracks in your concrete can be caused by one of the following factors. First, the soil could have been previously poorly compacted when the home was built. Even when stable, it never returns to the stability the original soil had. Second, periods of prolonged warm weather can cause the soil to dry out, shrink, and then crack. Last, heavy rain returning after periods of drought have an easier time seeping into the soil, compromising the soil and making it too weak to support the weight of the concrete above. 


Leveling of Concrete: Along with the cracks in the concrete, the weakening of the soil can cause concrete slabs to sink under the pressure, creating uneven surfaces, pooling water that could wreak havoc on concrete surfaces, and hazardous gaps that pose a potential risk as a tripping hazard. A majority of the calls we receive each year deal with customers concerned about the safety of their concrete sidewalks and driveways.


Other Concrete Related Issues:

While the soil below the concrete can often be the culprit of damage, other concrete issues can be tied back to the moisture that lays atop the concrete for long periods. When moisture finds its way onto the concrete, it seeps through the porous surface and freezes when temperatures drop. This trapped moisture expands and then turns to ice, weakening the concrete. This causes the concrete to pit and slab. Pitting refers to the crumbling and flaking on the surface of concrete, creating an unsightly eyesore in front of your home or around your neighborhood. 


How American Waterworks Can Help:

No matter the cause of the issue, American Waterworks can assist you in any concrete-related issues you may have. With our FREE estimates, we make it easy to get the information you need to fix your issue.

  • Our NexusPro solution is your best bet in the fight against unsightly cracks in concrete. This silicone-based formula is specially designed to provide long-lasting flexibility in the face of harsh weather conditions. It’s quick to install is the perfect solution to fight moisture from getting under concrete
  • SealantPro is the premier choice when pitting and flaking is the issue. This sealant lasts as long as your concrete does, penetrating deeply and working to help prevent any further water damage. It strengthens concrete up to five times and sets quickly, allowing you to get on with your busy day.
  • If your concrete needs leveling, PolyLevel is for you. This non-invasive installation involves injecting a polymer foam underneath the concrete to raise it. It’s quick, adjustable for loads of all sizes, and environmentally friendly.


If any of these issues sound familiar to you, don't hesitate to reach out today to schedule your FREE estimate, so you can enjoy the best of what Spring has to offer.

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