Concrete: Don't Replace It, Raise It!

Driveways in our region can often become cracked and sunken as a result of the soil underneath those concrete driveway slabs. 

As the soil softens during rain or moisture, the weight of the concrete could cause the slab to sink. When the soil dries out, it shrinks and might not be able to support the concrete slab. Finally, sometimes the way the homebuilder compacted the soil in the first place might cause it to easily wash away – leaving an empty void under the concrete. Cracked or sunken concrete can create dangerous tripping hazards and become more expensive to fix if left unchecked. 

All of these issues can be solved by our company injecting an environmentally safe foam called PolyLevel under the concrete to help support it and bring it to level with the rest of your driveway.

There are other processes that claim to raise and fix your concrete slabs, like mudjacking, but that will leave large holes in your driveway from drilling and isn’t a permanent solution. These solutions also tend to take longer, be more invasive, and lack some of the benefits of PolyLevel, like the capability to waterproof the concrete slab. 

We get it, it’s not every day you try to decide how you’re going to fix your concrete driveway. You might be tempted to just rip the driveway out and repour it all together. However, this option can become very costly and inconvenient for you and your household. When you pour new concrete, it will take several days for the concrete to cure. This foam quickly raises the concrete and hardens, meaning you can drive a vehicle on your driveway within 30 minutes.  you can’t use your driveway during that time. Instead of parking in your garage, you’ll be forced to park in the street or on your lawn, depending on what’s available to you.

If you want a less expensive and more sustainable option for your driveway, injecting PolyLevel under your driveway by professionals is the best bet. The process itself is quite simple. It begins with our team drilling strategic holes into the concrete in the areas, followed by injecting the foam into the holes. Our team then monitors the lifting process, making sure the slab is returned to its former state. The foam quickly raises the concrete and hardens, meaning you can drive a vehicle on your driveway within 30 minutes. 

If this information still hasn't convinced you, it would help to know that our PolyLevel injection is stable and inert, meaning it does not react with soil or moisture and therefore won't leak hazardous chemicals into the soil. It strengthens and stabilizes loose soil, ensuring your slab of concrete will stay put for a long time to come. 

If this issue sounds familiar to you, call us today to schedule your FREE estimate!

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