Why our Concrete Lifting Method is the Right Choice

Why our Concrete Lifting Method is the Right Choice 

When it comes to cracked and sunken concrete there are many myths and misconceptions about the best way to address the issue. Mudjacking and replacement are usually recommended to customers who want a fix, but we’re here to tell you that there is a cheaper, less invasive option available to help you eliminate nasty tripping hazards. 



The process of mudjacking can be messy and costly for little benefit. The process involves a specialized hydraulic pump that pushes a mud mix into holes that have been drilled into the slab, causing it to rise. However, this method proves to be ineffective because the materials used in the mud mix aren’t waterproof, causing it to become susceptible to washout, erosion, and breakdown. Furthermore, the weight of the mix can cause the soil beneath to become weighed down, potentially causing more damage down the road. Finally, the holes needed to inject the mix have to be anywhere between 1-2 inches, which are not only an eyesore but a possible culprit of the failing structural integrity of the concrete. Imagine going through all of the hassles for a “fix” that only lasts a couple of years.


Full Replacement

Another common misconception is that replacing the concrete would be a better option. If you choose this route to fix a few minor spots, you’re potentially signing up for a month-long process. The replacement of the slab itself could take several days but then the curing time, in which you will need to stay off the slab, could be another two weeks or more. Ultimately, a new slab of concrete will eradicate cracks, but the soil underneath could face further sinkage because of the weight of the new layer atop, bringing you back to the root issue in no time. 


PolyLevel is the Perfect Fit

Now that we’ve debunked common misconceptions about the correct way to fix sinking and cracked concrete, we know you’re thinking “So what works?” You’re in luck because American Waterworks uses the most modern solution–PolyLevel. This high-tech expanding polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete to fill the gaps caused by soil erosion and raise and stabilize the concrete surface. Not only is this solution waterproof, it’s strong but light, giving it a step up over both mudjacking and replacing concrete, both of which call for the use of heavy materials. It’s quick curing and after about 15 minutes can handle full loading. The holes drilled into the slabs are less than 1 inch, meaning we preserve as much of the structural integrity of the slab as possible. This process is so minimally invasive that you’ll barely know we were there!


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