How Your Crawl Space Could Be Costing You Money

For the average American, the autumn and winter months are the most expensive due to the number of holidays not so conveniently dispersed throughout this time. While you and your family are trying to enjoy the most that this busy season has to offer, we know the last thing you need to be worrying about is an inefficient crawl space creating an unnecessary headache when you need it least.


High Heating Bill

A dirt crawl space can be a financial burden on any household if it’s not properly addressed. Drafty crawl spaces mean that the cold winter air is entering the space through cracks or holes in the foundation of the home. This cold air circulates through your home, leading to cold floors and spikes in your heating bill. On top of an already expensive headache, a crawl space that lacks proper insulation during the colder months can potentially lead to frozen pipes and ductwork…something no one wants to be dealing with in negative-degree weather.


Mold and Mildew

Similar to a drafty space, cracks and holes in the foundation can be entry points for moisture that can wreak havoc on your space. A damp crawl space can be the cause of musty odors, mold, wood rot, and more. If fiberglass is present in the crawl space, it can tend to soak up moisture and humidity, growing mold and eventually causing it to “drip” from the ceiling. Allergens stemming from mold and mildew produced by water damage can be hazardous if not properly addressed, as these harmful toxins should not be breathed in for extended periods of time. 


Rotting or Inadequate Foundation

Your home’s structural integrity is reliant on your crawl space, meaning if your space was designed with an inadequate system your home could be in trouble. On the same note, a damp crawl space could mean the wood in your space is compromised with rot, which can lead to expensive repairs of the structural integrity of your home. If you’ve noticed uneven floors throughout the rooms above your crawl space, you should consider taking action before your crawl space begins to affect the rest of your home. 


How We Can Help

Thankfully, we provide expert crawl space encapsulation solutions to keep your home healthy and happy. From dehumidifiers to structural repairs, all the way to waterproof vapor barriers, our trained professionals can accurately diagnose problems and recommend the solution best tailored to your home to ensure you don’t run into any extra problems in one of the busiest times of the year. Click HERE to schedule your FREE estimate with one of our System Design Specialists to restore your peace of mind this holiday season! 


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