Winter Weather Woes

Believe it or not, winter can pose an ominous threat to the health of your household without you even knowing it! The snow may not be a significant risk now, but when it melts, it can lead to flooding, foundation damage, and possible structural issues. Do not wait until the first thaw of spring to take control of your space. Continue reading to find out handy tips and tricks to save you from water intrusion!

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Shovel Snow Promptly and Effectively  

While dealing with inevitable winter weather, it may seem impossible to keep up with the constant snowfall. However, it remains vital to keep snow away from the home. If the snow keeps piling up, it will eventually melt and saturate the soil surrounding the foundation of your home. This is a phenomenon known as hydrostatic pressure, or water pushing against your foundation. Giving snow the appropriate place to drain to (i.e., sewers), can ensure some level of protection against snow melting 

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Check Your Gutters  

Believe it or not, regular maintenance on all areas of your home can improve the health of your basement and foundation. For example, clogged gutters can cause runoff of rainwater and melting snow/ice that lands next to your foundation. Guess where that excess water is headed? Right for your basementWhen checking your gutters, be sure they are clear of any leaves, ice, or other debris that could prevent water from draining effectively.  


Schedule Sump Maintenance 

Homeowners are often unaware that their sump pump is not operating properly until it is too late. During the winter months, it is the perfect opportunity to have your pump replaced or checked. American Waterworks installs powerful sump pumps for basements and crawl spaces. An operating sump pump will collect water from leaking wall cracks, pipe penetrations, basement windows, and other openings around your home. To make sure your sump pump is working properly all year round, sign up HERE for your annual maintenance appointment today! If your sump pump was not installed by us, click HERE to see which one of our sump systems is right for you!  

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Fixing Foundation Cracks 

Although a crack in foundation walls or floors may seem like a minor problem, it can be a sign of a larger issue at hand. Cracks in basement walls indicate the beginning signs of wall failure and signal that the soil around your home may be taking on too much excess water. Saturated soil pushes against foundation walls, causing cracking, and creating opportunities for water and unwanted elements to penetrate your space. Dealing with small cracks and fractures now can save you a mess and a headache in the future.

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As the winter presses on, be sure to pay attention to the health of your basement and foundation. Regardless of the cause, American Waterworks will work with you to find the ideal solution for you and your home. We are currently making your winter woes even easier with our LIMITED TIME OFFER of 50% OFF labor when you schedule your installation before 2/29/24! Restore peace of mind in your home today!  

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