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Before and After Pictures from Eau Claire
Wet Basement in Eau Claire, WI

Wet Basement in Eau Claire, WI

Before After
Wet Basement in Eau Claire, WI Wet Basement in Eau Claire, WI

Mrs. Fenner contacted American Waterworks after being tired of the same old leak in her basement every time it rained.  Our System Design Specialist, Chad, was able to design a comprehensive plan to avoid any future water damage by recommending 135 feet of WaterGuard and two SuperSump sump pumps. 

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Eau Claire, WI

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Eau Claire, WI

Before After
Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Eau Claire, WI Foundation Repair and Waterproofing in Eau Claire, WI

Teresa O. in Eau Claire, WI had water leaking into her basement and a cracked and bowing foundation wall. She was concerned about the stability of her home and wanted to address the problems before they got any worse, so she contacted American Waterworks to receive a FREE estimate. One of our Design Specialists, Chad Johnson, created a thorough foundation repair and waterproofing plan to restore her basement, and Teresa chose to move forward with the project.  

Our Foreman, Jesus Covarrubias, and his production crew installed our WaterGuard drainage system, our SuperSump sump pump, and Geo-Lock wall anchors. The project took a couple days to complete, but Teresa’s basement is now permanently protected, and her peace of mind is restored.

If you have foundation or waterproofing needs, click here to receive a FREE estimate!

Concrete Sunk Next to Patio in Eau Claire, WI

Concrete Sunk Next to Patio in Eau Claire, WI

Before After
Concrete Sunk Next to Patio in Eau Claire, WI Concrete Sunk Next to Patio in Eau Claire, WI

A homeowner in Eau Claire Wisconsin experienced a slab of concrete sinking next to their patio.  American Waterworks was able to level off the slab, leaving the patio looking good as new.

Professional Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing Company in Eau Claire, WI

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Testimonials From Eau Claire
After working in construction for many years, Tom said that our crew was the hardest working construction...
Testimonial by Tom G. from Eau Claire, WI
The call representatives at American Waterworks were wonderful to work with, and the service technician...
Testimonial by Mary Jane F. from Eau Claire, WI
We had part of our foundation supported on helical piers, as well as helical anchors installed in a large...
Testimonial by Peter B. from Eau Claire, WI

Eau Claire, WI foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing

Uneven floors, a musty smell and foundation cracks are all signs that your home could use a little help. Water that makes its way into a basement or crawlspace can cause significant damage to Eau Claire, WI homes. Water damage may seem like a little problem, but it can lead to expensive repairs if left untreated.

American Waterworks, a member of the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA), has been helping homeowners in Eau Claire, WI protect their homes from the damage caused by settling soils, water, and other problems for more than 20 years. We specialize in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and other services to benefit your below-the-home spaces and your property.

Trust us for foundation repair

Over time your home’s firm foundation can suffer from changes in the soil. Even if foundation cracks are not visible, pressure from damp soil can lead to a structural failure. Some of the key signs of trouble are interior and exterior wall cracks, sticking windows and doors, bowing walls, and a sagging floor above a crawl space.

American Waterworks is a member of the Foundation Supportworks dealer network with access to top-quality products for foundation repair. For example, we use the SmartJack system to stabilize your crawl space support posts to fix sagging floors. Galvanized steel columns restore the proper support to the structure above the crawl space. Each SmartJack column can hold up to 60,000 lbs, and the system is cost effective and reliable.

Our other foundation repair products include:

  • Slab piers, push piers, and helical piers
  • Wall anchors and wall reinforcement systems

If you're concerned about your foundation, you've come to the right place. Our foundation repair experts have all of the tools and knowledge you need for a job well done!

Basement waterproofing and wet basement repair

A damp basement is the result of water seeping through tiny cracks and pores in the concrete. This moisture can promote mold growth and damage furnishings. Dry out your basement and reclaim your space with WaterGuard, the waterproofing system with the industry’s best guarantees. American Waterworks is part of the Basement Systems network, giving us the ability to provide the best basement waterproofing solutions.

Problems with Other Systems

  • Excavation around the house is costly and disruptive.
  • Interior drain tile systems create a gap that can easily clog.
  • Negative-side sealants applied to inside basement walls can fail over time as seepage continues.

Reclaim Your Space with WaterGuard

  • Installed inside the basement, where the inner basement wall joins the floor.
  • Carries water away to a sump or other system.
  • Designed to prevent mud clogs.

Concrete repair with PolyLevel®, SealantPro, and NexusPro

As a resident of Eau Claire, WI, the soil under your home is susceptible to erosion caused by seasonal changes and a weak soil base. When the supporting soil is washed away, concrete begins to sink, creating uneven driveways and walkways around your home.

Slab jacking, concrete lifting, grout pumping, and slab leveling provide a temporary fix, but for a long-lasting solution, American Waterworks employs the revolutionary PolyLEVEL system for concrete leveling. Two liquids are injected beneath the damaged areas, seeping into every nearby crevice before expanding into high-density foam to hold unsettled soil, add support and return sunken concrete to its original position.

American Waterworks provides a selection of innovative concrete repair products including NexusPro and SealantPro. NexusPro is a durable binding agent used to repair cracked concrete slabs on your Eau Claire property. SealantPro seals concrete driveways and other concrete surfaces, restoring quality and protecting against UV, weather, oil, and water damage for 3 to 5 times longer than other concrete sealants. Repair your concrete and seal in quality with our concrete protection system.

Crawl space repair in Eau Claire, WI

Crawl spaces are unseen areas that often conceal big problems. As water seeps in through foundation walls, the humidity in the crawl space rises. This invites mold and insects. It allows spores and other allergens into the rooms above. It can even damage your home’s structure, requiring expensive repairs. Some builders try to prevent this by installing vents in the crawl space. In Eau Claire, this brings in humid air during the Wisconsin summers, making the problem worse.

Reclaim your crawl space and protect your home with the CleanSpace Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System. American Waterworks wraps your crawl space with a reinforced liner to block moisture. This liner is mold resistant and guaranteed against material defects for 25 years, offering the ultimate solution in crawl space encapsulation and repair.

Get professional help for all of your basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation repair, and concrete leveling needs! American Waterworks is your local expert in all of these industries, and we look forward to serving you. Schedule a free estimate in Eau Claire, WI today!

Case Studies From Eau Claire
Don B. in Eau Claire, WI contacted American Waterworks after seeing one of our commercials on WEAU. His foundation walls were bowing and cracking,...
Job Stories From Eau Claire, WI
Wall Anchors Restore Bowing Wall in Eau Claire, WI

Jim Grinder in Eau Claire, WI had a bowing foundation wall that was concerning him. He felt it was important to have a foundation repair expert take a look at it, so he gave American Waterworks a call. One of our Design Specialists, Chad Johnson, went to Jim’s home to provide him with a free onsite estimate. Chad recommended that we install wall anchors to permanently stabilize his wall. Jim was pleased with the proposal that Chad put together, so he decided to move forward with the installation.

Our production team started the installation process by drilling holes into the brick wall and inserting long metal rods that go into the soil outside of the home. Then, the rod is secured with anchors on each end. Once they tightened the anchors, the wall started to straighten. The anchors can continue to be tightened over time, to continue straightening the wall. Jim’s wall in now secure because of the wall anchor installation, and he has confidence that he chose the right company because our foundation repair products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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