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Leading Home Repair Contractor Serving Fayette County

Have you noticed bowing walls in your basement or musty odors coming from your basement or crawl space? We are Fayette County, IA's trusted home repair and improvement company, offering a wide variety of products and services to fix all of your problems. We are a local, family-owned company dedicated to offering only the best to our customers.

Services by American Waterworks:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Foundation repair
  • Crawl space repair
  • Commercial foundations
  • Radon gas mitigation
  • And more!

Ready to say goodbye to your crawl space, basement, or foundation problems? Contact American Waterworks today at 1-844-801-9520 or simply click below to schedule your free home repair estimate in Fayette County, IA and beyond.

Fayette County, Iowa's Basement Waterproofing Experts

With many years of experience and access to the industry's best products, American Waterworks is here to serve all of your Fayette County home's basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation needs. If you have water in your basement or crawl space, you've come to the right place!

As a member of Basement Systems and CleanSpace, we use products designed to thrive in basement and crawl space environments. High-volume sump pumps, efficient dehumidifiers, complete drainage systems, and inorganic wall options are just some of the basement waterproofing products we have to offer. We'll leave you with a clean, dry basement space that you can make the most out of.

If you have a wet crawl space that's being affected by the elements, we offer crawl space encapsulation using an effective crawl space vapor barrier system. We also use crawl space versions of basement products, like sump pumps and dehumidifiers! Ultimately, a dry basement or crawl space will prevent mold, rot, allergies, and structural decay.

Durable Foundation Repairs in Fayette County

In addition to our basement expertise, we also excel at foundation repair. We understand how crucial a foundation is to the integrity of your home, and we know how scary foundation cracks and bowing walls can be. Using a line of foundation repair products designed by structural and geotechnical engineers at Supportworks, we can solve these issues and more when you come to us with your foundation needs.

Foundation repair products & services by American Waterworks:

  • Foundation piers
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall repair systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • And so much more!

Call us today to schedule your free foundation repair estimate in Fayette County and the surrounding areas!

Effective Radon Mitigation by American Waterworks

Not only do we offer exceptional basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair, but we also offer high-quality radon mitigation services throughout Fayette County.

Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that can cause lung cancer and other poor health conditions for you and your family. Not sure if you have high levels of radon in your home? No worries, our professionals can perform an accurate radon test to determine whether you should invest in a radon mitigation system. Then, our experts can install the ideal radon mitigation system for your home in no time.

Schedule a free home repair estimate in Fayette County!

Are you concerned about water in your basement or crawl space, or cracks in your foundation or concrete slabs? American Waterworks is your local expert in all of these services and more. We offer free estimates to all of our customers in Fayette County, IA, and throughout the surrounding areas. Schedule yours today!

Job Stories From Fayette County, IA
Water in Basement in West Union, IA

Douglas P. in West Union, IA had water seeping into his basement. It was causing damage to his home, so he knew that it was time to contact a waterproofing professional. After researching waterproofing contractors, he decided that American Waterworks was the best fit for him. We sent a Design Specialist to his home to inspect the situation and to give Douglas a FREE estimate. Douglas agreed with the waterproofing plan that our Design Specialist developed, so we set a date for the installation. 

Our production crew installed a full perimeter of our WaterGuard drainage system around his basement floor, which then connected to the TripleSafe sump pump system. If any water seeps into his basement, it will drain through the WaterGuard to the sump pump and will then be expelled through the discharge line to the outside of his home. Our waterproofing system is backed by a lifetime warranty, so Douglas can rest easy knowing that his basement will always be protected.

Severely Cracked Foundation in Blue Earth, MN

James H. in Blue Earth, MN had a severely cracked foundation. The foundation had started settle which made it separate from the home by a couple of inches. He was worried he was going to have to replace his foundation altogether, but he decided he would call American Waterworks for a FREE estimate to see if we could repair it.

We sent one of our Design Specialists, Eric Hazelton, to his home to provide the estimate after inspecting the situation. James was pleased to hear that we could repair his foundation with the installation of 4 wall anchors. Jeremey was glad that he did not have to replace his entire foundation, 

He set an installation date right away because he wanted his foundation to stop shifting as soon as possible. Our team installed the wall anchors within just one day, and after tightening them, James was able to see a drastic difference.

He is happy he was able to find a more affordable and permanent solution to repair his foundation instead of having to replace it entirely. James has peace of mind that he chose to invest in protecting his most valuable asset. 

Cracked Foundation Wall in Oelwein, IA

DJ is Oelwein, IA had a large crack in one of his basement walls and he had noticed it getting worse over time. He decided to research ways to repair foundations and he discovered American Waterworks. He was pleased to see that we have been foundation repair experts for almost three decades. He decided to give us a call for a FREE estimate, so one of our Design Specialists went to his home to inspect the problem and recommend a solution. 

DJ was pleased with the solution we proposed, so our production crew started the installation. We installed 6 wall anchors through the cracked wall, which caused the wall to straighten back to its original position. Our wall anchor foundation repair system has permanently stabilized his wall. DJ is glad he chose to protect his most valuable asset.

Water Leaking into Fayette, IA Basement

Lyle B. in Fayette, IA was suffering from water seeping into his finished basement. The water had caused damage to his flooring and his wall paneling. He was upset that his finished basement had been severely damaged, so he decided it was time to get in touch with a waterproofing expert to see what his options were. He contacted American Waterworks to receive a FREE estimate, so we sent a Design Specialist to his home to inspect the situation first hand and design the right solution. Lyle was pleased with our proposal and waterproofing plan, so he scheduled the installation. 

Our production team installed a full perimeter of our WaterGuard drainage system, a TripleSafe sump pump (which is our most reliable sump pump) and a discharge line. Water is now guided through the drainage system, to the sump pump and from there the water is expelled from the home through the discharge line. Lyle is pleased that is basement is now a dry, healthier space. 

Crawl Space Waterproofing in Westgate, IA

Homeowners in Westgate, IA had water seeping into the crawl space of their home, making them worry about damage to their personal items, mold, humidity, rodents, and other pests. They got in contact with our office staff at American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE Estimate with one of our Design Specialists. Our Design Specialist went to their home to inspect the crawl space and come up with a solution that worked for them, their home repair needs, and their budget. The homeowners were confident in the proposal of our Drainage Matting and CleanSpace Encapsulation and their warranties, so they signed the contract, wrote out a deposit check, and scheduled an installation date. 

Our Foreman and his production team began the process by introducing themselves to the homeowners and answering any last-minute questions that they had. After a thorough introduction, our team started the crawl space encapsulation process. Our crew installed 300 feet of our Drainage Matting on the ground. This special matting is designed to give the water flooding into the crawl space a channel underneath the crawl space liner and provides extra durability to handle the job. Next, our Foreman and his crew installed 378 feet of our CleanSpace Encapsulation Moisture Barrier around the entire crawl space. This moisture barrier is made to keep away odors, mold, pests, create comfort to the home, increase the home value, provide additional storage, and save money on utilities. To complete the project, our team checked in with the homeowner to make sure they had any additional questions or concerns. 

Is water leaking into your crawl space? Read our BLOG to learn more about the importance of getting your crawl space sealed! 

System Maintenance in Maynard, IA

Cheryl M. of Maynard, IA had an American Waterworks basement waterproofing system installed in her home, and it needed to be examined by our service department for her annual maintenance. Our Service Technician, Darin Horstmann, went to Cheryl's home, introduced himself, and examined and diagnosed any problems with her TripleSafe Sump Pump System. Our TripleSafe Sump Pump is the best sump pump that we provide for homeowners because it provides three layers of protection, solves all three problems in one unit, and comes with a battery back-up, which keeps the sump pump functioning in case of a power outage. 

Our sump pump maintenance details include checking the discharge line, changing the batteries in the sump pump alarm, cleaning the sump liner of silt and sediment, ensuring the overall pump operation is working correctly, and inspecting the basement or crawl space for signs of problems, while also providing recommendations. At American Waterworks, we provide annual maintenances because we want to find the problems before they find you. To learn more about why annual maintenances are important, click HERE! Call us today or fill out THIS FORM to schedule yours today! 

Concrete Repair in Clermont, IA

Jason and Betsy N. of Clermont, IA had an uneven driveway, causing them to worry about the value of their home. They did some research and found American Waterworks online. They liked what they saw, so they got in contact with our office line and scheduled a FREE estimate with our Design Specialist, Rick Weber. Rick went to their home, carefully inspected their driveway, and drew up a well-designed solution that fit their wants and needs. Jason and Betsy were confident in Rick's proposal, so they went ahead with the project and scheduled a date for the installation. 

Our Foreman, Brandon, and his production crew member injected 146 pounds of our PolyLevel underneath the concrete to stabilize the surface. Our PolyLevel is a special kind of foam that fills the voids underneath the concrete. It is non-invasive, cures quickly, provides accurate results, and is adjustable for loads of all sizes. The installation took a day to complete, and Jason and Betsy were both satisfied with the project from start to finish! 

Is your concrete sinking or cracking? Call us today to learn more or to schedule your FREE estimate

Sump Pump System Installation in Hawkeye, IA

Having a wet or damp basement can cause more than just a headache. Problems like this can create even bigger problems such as wood rot, mildew, structural damage, rot, and more. Some of these symptoms include a wet basement floor, leaking basement walls, standing water, musty odors, condensation, sump pump problems, or leaky basement windows. When you see signs like this, it is time to get help or call your local contractor! 

A male resident of Hawkeye, IA was facing this exact problem in his basement. Water was leaking from his pre-existing sump pump, causing him to worry about damage to the property. He found American Waterworks on Google, so he called our main office line and scheduled a FREE Estimate with our Design Specialist. He went out to the homeowner's house to examine the leaks and determine which sump pump replacement would be best. Our Design Specialist proposed our TripleSafe Sump Pump System, which provides three layers of protection and solves all three water problems in one system. The resident was confident in our proposal, so they went ahead with the installation. 

Our Foreman and his production team started the project by breaking out the concrete around the pre-existing sump pump and replaced it with our TripleSafe Sump Pump System, followed by the discharge line. To complete the work, our team filled the open gaps with rock and applied new concrete over them, ensuring the space was neater than when they found it. 

At American Waterworks, we provide services in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair/encapsulation, radon testing/mitigation, and concrete repair/lifting. Call us today or click HERE to request and schedule your free estimate! 

Musty Order Concerns Homeowner in Saint Lucas, IA

A homeowner in Saint Lucas, IA, noticed a musty smell in their basement. Knowing American Waterworks does great work, the homeowner visited our website and signed up for their FREE estimate. After setting the appointment, our Design Specialist, Brian, met with the homeowners and completed an in-depth inspection. Following his inspection, Brain proposed that the homeowners fully waterproof their basements to eliminate the orders and prevent any further damage. Understanding this is the best option, the homeowners agreed and the waterproofing process began. We sent out our Foreman, Jeromy, and his crew went out to the home to begin waterproofing the entire basement. The crew began by installing the WaterGuard, a below-floor drain that rests in a bed of drainage stone on the top of the foundation footing. First, the crew dug channels around the perimeter of the basement. Once the channels were dug, the crew then laid some rocks and the WaterGuard in those trenches. After the WaterGuard is put in place, the crew covers it with more rocks and cement. Following the WaterGuard installation, the crew insulated the walls to insulate, waterproof, and give the basement a finished appearance. The homeowners were impressed with the fantastic job done by the crew. If you are experiencing something similar, sign up for your FREE estimate today!

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