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Before and After Pictures from Waseca
Water Pours Into This Waseca, MN Resident's Home After It Rains

Water Pours Into This Waseca, MN Resident's Home After It Rains

Before After
Water Pours Into This Waseca, MN Resident's Home After It Rains Water Pours Into This Waseca, MN Resident's Home After It Rains

Ms. Thompson contacted to address concerns that her interior foundation was beginning to crumble and water would pour through the cracks in the basement walls when it rained. Jeremy was able to point out that her foundation was bowing significantly and without the proper stabilization, her foundation walls were eventually going to collapse. Jeremy crafted a solution with our GEOLOCK wall anchor and WaterGuard basement waterproofing systems.  Combined, these two patented solutions will prevent any further water damage and permanently stabilize and straighten the foundation walls of her Waseca, MN home. 

Egress Window Installation in Waseca, MN

Egress Window Installation in Waseca, MN

Before After
Egress Window Installation in Waseca, MN Egress Window Installation in Waseca, MN

The Stewarts upgraded their basement to include a RockWell egress window. They can now enjoy a more attractive window alternative that is code-compliant and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Waterproofing in Waseca, MN

Waterproofing in Waseca, MN

Before After
Waterproofing in Waseca, MN Waterproofing in Waseca, MN

Judy F. in Waseca, MN contacted American Waterworks after being referred to us by a previous satisfied customer. She wanted to finish the bedroom in the basement, but the current sump pump was unable to keep up after heavy rains. Water was pooling on the floor, and she needed a permanent solution. Our Design Specialist, Eric Hazelton, met with Judy and proposed our WaterGuard drainage system and provided her with our sump pump options. 

Our Foreman, Cole Brinkman, and his production crew installed our WaterGuard drainage system, our SuperSump sump pump, and our CleanSpace vapor barrier along the walls. The combination of these products ensures that any water seepage will be guided through the WaterGuard, to the sump pump, and from there will be discharged from the home. 

Waseca, MN's Trusted Basement Waterproofing, Radon Testing, & Foundation Repairs

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Waseca foundation repair, concrete leveling & repair company

In addition to our basement expertise, we also excel at foundation repair and concrete leveling. We understand how crucial a foundation is to the integrity of your home, and we know how scary foundation cracks and bowing walls can be. Using a line of foundation repair products designed by structural and geotechnical engineers at Supportworks, we can solve these issues and more when you come to us with your foundation needs.

If concrete slab settlement is affecting your home, American Waterworks provides a selection of innovative concrete repair products including PolyLevel, NexusPro, and SealantPro. The PolyLevel injection is a lightweight polyurethane formula injected beneath your concrete slab. PolyLevel will restore your sunken concrete to its original position with minimal downtime. PolyLevel can lift and level your driveway, pool deck, sidewalk, garage floor, sunken concrete steps, and more!

NexusPro is a durable binding agent used to repair cracked concrete slabs on your Waseca property. SealantPro seals concrete driveways and pool decks, restoring quality and protecting against UV, weather, oil and water damage for 3 to 5 times longer than other concrete sealants. Repair your concrete and seal in quality with our concrete protection system.

Our services in Waseca, MN:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Foundation repair
  • Crawl space repair
  • Concrete leveling and lifting
  • Commercial foundations
  • Radon gas mitigation

Are you concerned about water in your basement or crawl space, or cracks in your foundation or concrete slabs? American Waterworks is your local expert in all of these services and more. We offer free estimates to all of our customers in Waseca, MN, and throughout the surrounding areas. Schedule yours today!

Waseca, Minnesota's basement waterproofing experts

With many years of experience and access to the industry's best products, American Waterworks is here to serve all of your Waseca home's basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation needs. We are a local, family-owned company dedicated to offering the best to our customers. If you have water in your basement or crawl space, you've come to the right place!

As a member of Basement Systems and CleanSpace, we use products designed to thrive in basement and crawl space environments. High-volume sump pumps, efficient dehumidifiers, complete drainage systems, and inorganic wall options are just some of the basement waterproofing products we have to offer. We'll leave you with a clean, dry basement space that you can make the most out of.

If you have a wet crawl space that's being affected by the elements, we offer crawl space encapsulation using an effective crawl space vapor barrier system. We also use crawl space versions of basement products, like sump pumps and dehumidifiers! Ultimately, a dry basement or crawl space will prevent mold, rot, allergies, and structural decay.

Professional radon testing & radon mitigation services offered in Waseca, MN

Keep your home protected from all possible threats, visible and invisible, with help from American Waterworks. Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that can infiltrate your home and cause serious health issues for your family. We specialize in radon testing and radon mitigation services to protect your home from a virtually undetectable threat. As a National Radon Defense network member, our team can detect and eliminate traces of radon from your home with exclusive products and technology.

Protect your home from an unknown threat with help from the radon experts at American Waterworks. Schedule a free estimate for any of our radon services today in Waseca, MN.

Job Stories From Waseca, MN
Waseca Home Saved by American Waterworks Waterproofing Products

Brenda L. of Waseca, MN had water seepage problems in her basement and needed to come up with a solution. After doing some research on American Waterworks, Brenda gave us a call to schedule her Free Estimate. Our Design Specialist, Dylan Woitas, went out to her home to inspect the problem. After a thorough and detailed diagnosis, Brenda was comfortable with Dylan’s proposal, so she went ahead and scheduled her installation date.

Our foreman, Austin Lucas, and his production crew began the installation by cutting out the concrete around the perimeter of the floor forming a waterway trench, as well as a hole in the corner for our SuperPump Plus M53, which is designed to help keep the basement dry and clean for a very long time. They installed the pump in the hole first, then installed our WaterGuard System in the trench. Our WaterGaurd serves as an underground trench and catches any leaking water from basement walls. Next, they covered all the open gaps with rock and replaced the concrete. The 50-foot-long discharge line from the sump pump doesn’t just end at the foundation wall; it goes through our IceGuard System outside of the home and ends at the LawnSpace Outlet. Our IceGuard serves as an extra block of protection from basement flooding and the LawnSpace Outlet is an “escape” for invasive water to exit the home. After everything was completed, Brenda’s basement was dry, safe, and healthy. She was very happy she chose American Waterworks to save the life and solidity of her home!

Work Requests From Waseca, MN
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Floor is sagging by the basement steps door. Needs to be leveled and supported.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
I have a crack in my garage wall and driveway has settled. Selling my home so need it quick
Project Location: Waseca, MN
We have purchased this home about 2 years ago and have since had all foundation tile lines repaired that were of concern. We also had an interior tile added to the crawlspace area. Even after this has been done the soil in the crawlspace always stays damp/wet to the touch (no puddling) just consistently damp. It does dry up in the winter time but as soon as the ground thaws it's back to being damp/wet.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Seepage in basement.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
We have a 12-year-old new build home that has had seepage and sump failure water issues almost every year we've been here. We have more major water issues right now and desperately need to know what to do to stop the flow of water coming in all around the edges of the walls and overflowing the new sump pump.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Radon Abatement
Project Location: Waseca, MN
We have 3 block that came loose on our foundation and need a estimate for the repair they are pushing out from the wall and the corner you can call me after 4
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Would like a quote to see what it would take to get the water our of our basement
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Basement keeps flooding.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Me and my husband are looking at purchasing a house but there is an add on on the house and it's starting to sink
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Wet basement, seepage
Project Location: Waseca, MN
We live in a 100 year old farm house. The foundation is original. We have consistent water that leaches into the basement floor.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Project Location: Waseca, MN
We've been in our home for 25 years. We have tiled the outside and landscaped to run water away from the foundation. We recently had a rain storm that dumped water very quickly and water seeped in through the floor and walls. The flood of 2016 also caused major damage to our walk out lower living space. I don't want a sales pitch. Just give us the facts and leave us alone to decide.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
I've had water in my basement several times, and am tired of worrying about it every time it rains or thaws. If my sump pump is running, it's fine, but every time I've had water it's been some type of pump failure. The last time (last year) was because the pump shifted in the hole. As soon as I jiggled the pipe, it was fine. Right now it's somewhat unreliable in the same way. I heard my alarm beep, which means the 'higher' float kicks in, then it drains longer than when the normal float kicks in. Again, shifting the lid started it to kick in 'normally'. I want to replace this pump, as it is at least 10 years old. I want to replace it with something I don't have to worry about. Something that will handle the heavy rains, and something with a battery back up.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Did a Radon test with a test kit from Menards and it came back with levers in the 7 to 8 range.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
I bought my house in Nov 2017 and my wall towards my driveway is bowed. I had an inspection and a couple companies come out to look at it. They say its not going to bow any more but it does leak in heavy rains and when it defrosts.
Project Location: Waseca, MN
Wet crawl space / pump room
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