Benefits of Having Our Systems Installed in the Winter


Wintertime means frosty weather, cold temperatures, snow, and ice build-up. No matter where you live in the Midwest, it is crucial to provide protection for your home against the frigid weather and climate. Cold temperatures can cause frozen downspouts, burst pipes, create foundation cracks, and cause other problems that can negatively transform your home. Making changes to your basement or crawl space and maintaining your foundation can reduce energy costs and protect your home against the damages that you may face. 

Basement Waterproofing

At American Waterworks, we provide systems and services that can solve a wide variety of problems that allow water into basements or other areas below ground level. By beating the spring home improvement rush, it is important to keep in mind that waterproofing your basement in the winter is the best prevention. To keep your basement dry, neat, odorless, and comfortable, we provide several different solutions from sump pumps to wall insulation to drainage systems and much more. 

Foundation Repair

Along with basement waterproofing, we also provide foundation repair during the cold and winter months. Foundation walls move inward due to expanding soils and pressure on the walls from outside of the home which can cause cracks in the exterior and interior walls, bowing walls, or sagging floors. Whether it’s in the winter or summertime, issues like these may arise, but with our professional installers, we provide effective and warrantied solutions for problems of all types from wall stabilization to raising a home. 

Crawl Space Repair

Cold or sagging floors could be a sign that your crawl space is in need of repair or encapsulation. Crawl space repair can help you avoid unnecessary future repairs, improve your air quality, give you more valuable storage space, and save money on utility and energy bills. Humidity in the crawl space can form condensation on cold surfaces, which leads to mold, rot, and leaky ducts. At American Waterworks, we can winterize your crawl space to help you avoid damage to piping and prevent cold air from getting inside your home. 

Radon Testing/Mitigation

Lastly, getting your home tested for radon in the winter is another important service that we provide for homeowners. During the winter, since all doors and windows are closed, the results are much more accurate, and since cold weather makes homeowners stay inside, they are exposed to the air in their home more consistently. If they have high radon levels, they could consistently be breathing harmful air. Along with that, when the heat is on in the house, the indoor air pressure increases which pulls the radon from the soil. We offer radon testing and our expert Design Specialists provide free estimates to have a radon mitigation system installed in your home. 

Our Services

Our company is driven to restore, protect, and repair your basement from water damage, structural problems, crawl space from inefficiency, and ensure you’re breathing in safe air. The systems we install are the best methods to reassure homeowners that we can provide the right treatment for their home repair problems. To schedule your free estimate, call our office line today or click HERE

Geno M. (left) and Dakota M. (right) installing our Radon Mitigation System in Byron, MN.

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