How Snowmelt Can Cause Basement Flooding

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 by Kal Aldrich


As a homeowner with a basement, it is crucial to know how to prevent water from flooding your basement. When the temperatures rise and snow is still on the ground, the warm temperatures cause dramatic melting of snow, which creates water runoff. According to the National Weather Services, “eight of the most significant floods of the 20th century (i.e. area affected, property damage, and deaths) were related to snowmelt.” Moisture conditions in the soil, frozen ground, heavy snow, rain during the melting phase, and dramatic snowmelt are all causes of snowmelt flooding.

What Kind of Damage Should I Look Out For? 

If you have already been affected by snowmelt and moisture damage, there are a few important symptoms to look out for in your basement. One of these symptoms is structural damage. Structural damage often presents itself with bowing walls and cracks in the foundation. In most situations, moisture damage can be found at the bottom of the wall or structure. When the snow melts, water can seep into your basement through the cracks and sometimes even up through the floor. Over the winter season, small cracks can grow, generating damage to the home and enabling water to flood into your basement. Another thing to look out for is mold growth. Humidity and temperature levels affect the size of the mold and how fast it grows.

How Much Time Do I Have? How Fast Does the Snow Melt? 

There are a couple of factors that can play a role in snow melting, but the main factors are air temperature and the intensity of the sun. As the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it is important to look out for possible signs of basement water damage right away. If the ground is still frozen, it may take a few warmer days to thaw the soil, which then provides a way for the water to seep through and push up against your foundation. In order to protect your home and everything in it, you will need to act as quickly as possible once you notice signs of water seepage. Also, if you have previously experienced water seepage in your basement and have not fixed it yet, this will be a recurring problem until you take action. 

What Can American Waterworks Do For Me? 

We provide homeowners with warrantied systems and trusted services that provide lasting protection from water damage. We provide several different solutions to keep your basement dry, healthy, and comfortable such as sump pumps, wall coverings, insulation, interior drainage systems, and much more. Give us a call today or click HERE to request your no-obligation, free estimate!

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