Four Pro Tips: Saving Money on Energy Costs

Friday, August 13th, 2021 by Kal Aldrich


Saving energy costs is important for several reasons. These reasons include the growth in your property value, money savings, and environmental protection. From behavior alterations to big home improvements, there are many methods and ways you can condense the energy use in your home. Simple habits, easy projects, and buying the right things can make a dramatic difference. Read about these four pro tips that can add up to huge cutbacks in your energy use, three of them being ways that American Waterworks can help you.

1. Use energy-efficient systems and appliances

According to Energysage, “On average, appliances are responsible for about 13% of total household energy use.”  When you are shopping, it is important to look for equipment that has an ENERGY STAR label. This means that the piece of equipment will use less energy while it is in use and when it is on standby, such as a thermostat or dehumidifier. For example, our Aprilaire Dehumidifier saves energy in the home, while also making the home drier, more comfortable, and healthier to live and breathe in. Interested in learning more about our Aprilaire? Take a look at this chart to see how much money to save by using this dehumidifier. You can also learn more by clicking this link

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2. Install energy-efficient windows

Believe it or not, windows can take up to 10-25% ($20-$95) of your heating costs. To provide more energy efficiency and heat to the home, do yourself a favor and have single-paneled windows replaced with double-paneled windows.  At American Waterworks, we install Everlast Replacement Windows in basements, which are double-paneled, vinyl-framed, and can be easily removed for maintenance. In addition, you can also get window shades, screens, or shutters, which can also provide extra protection and energy savings to your home. Read more about our basement Everlast Replacement Windows here.

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3. Insulate and weatherize your home

Sealing air leaks, cracks, holes, etc. around your home is a crucial way to keep cool air out and hot air in your home. To prevent these leaks, it is important to make sure that there are no openings between your walls, vents, doorframes, etc. Our company installs vapor barriers, insulation, and more in basements and crawl spaces to reduce energy usage and keep the house warm. These systems don’t only act as an energy saver, but they also provide brightness to the home, prevent mold and humidity, and cover holes and divots that enable water waste to leak into your home. You can learn more about our insulation and vapor barriers at this link.

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4. Tweak your day-to-day actions

Energy management can be as simple as turning off appliances when they are not in use, turning the lights off, or keeping a close eye on your thermostat. Another way to conserve energy is to use appliances less and go about it by hand. For example, instead of using the dishwasher, wash your dishes manually. Instead of using your dryer to dry your clothes, hang them up on a clothesline in your backyard. Since heating, cooling, and energy costs take up half of the homeowner’s utility bills, these simple habits can make a huge difference. 

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What can American Waterworks do for you?

At American Waterworks, we can reduce your energy costs by installing our insulation panels, vapor barriers, replacement windows, and Aprilaire Dehumidifiers. Each of these systems are designed to meet the specific needs of your home, keep money in your wallet, and ultimately make your home a better, safer, and more affordable place to live. Give us a call today or click here to request and schedule your FREE, no-obligation inspection and estimate. 

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