Why Every Home Needs a Dehumidifer

Basements can be a safe haven for a household. Perhaps you head downstairs to watch a movie as a family, shoot some pool, or even head to bed. What no one likes to talk about, is how a musty odor can put a damper on your basement activities. Moisture can enter your basement through various points of entry, but fear not, we have the solution. Our AprilAire E100 dehumidifier should be a staple in every clean and healthy household. 


Signs and Symptoms:

There are numerous signs that a dehumidifier should be added to your home. First, you should watch and feel for a damp presence in your space. This is a sign that the concrete walls and floors of the basement are absorbing moisture from the soil surrounding it, and releasing it into the air in your basement. Other signs to look out for include, musty smells and odors becoming present in the space, mildew and mold forming, and even rot. If any of these signs are present in your basement, it’s important to take action immediately to address the issue. 


Why Care?

A moist basement is more than an inconvenience, but rather a health hazard that should be taken very seriously. Mold, mildew, and roting furnishings can be the perfect breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria that thrive in a damp environment. Prolonged exposure to these types of bacteria can have adverse effects on the health of anyone inhibiting the space. We know this sounds daunting, but we have the solution that will put your mind at ease. 


How to Correct the Issue:

The AprilAire E100 Dehumidifier is the best option to address all of the signs and symptoms listed. This powerful dehumidifier is one of the most energy efficient models to date and is recognized as the Most Effective of ENERGY STAR® 2021. It creates healthy air and can reduce the number of viable viruses in the air to less than 1% in two days’ time when set to 50% relative humidity (RH). The E100 can remove up to 100 pints of moisture from the air per day, keeping your home's RH in the ideal range of 40-60%, the perfect percentage to fight viruses, bacteria, and mold. 

Not only is this machine effective, but it’s simple to use. It features a built-in digital control that can be configured on the top or on the inlet side of the unit for easy access and the interactive display makes setup and operation effortless. The E100 is equipped with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils so it’s built to give you peace of mind for years to come. What more could you ask for?


Feeling confident in the health of your home begins with the air you breathe. When paired with any of our waterproofing solutions, the AprilAire E100 dehumidifier will get you back to enjoying your movies, recreations, and family time without worrying about what harmful pollutants could be lurking in the air.


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Why Every Home Needs a Dehumidifer - Image 1


Why Every Home Needs a Dehumidifer - Image 1

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