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Radon Mitigation Installation in Lansing, IA

A customer from Lansing, IA got in contact with us when they began to fear that their home may be inhibited by Radon, a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring gas that comes from the breakdown and decay of the soil that surrounds the foundation of the home. When our customer called in, we set them up with a FREE no-obligation estimate. Our Design Specialist, Jarrett, headed out to the property to see what could be done. He began by performing a 48-hour charcoal test, which he left behind to monitor the levels of Radon in the home. Once completed, the home was found to have unsafe levels of Radon. Jarrett recommended the installation of a Radon mitigation system and the couple agreed. 

Our Production crew, led by Dakota, installed the system in no time. Now, our customers don't need to worry about breathing hazardous gas in their home! 

Radon Mitigation in Dodge, WI

Jen S. in Dodge, WI was selling her home and needed a radon mitigation system installed. Her realtor recommended American Waterworks, and we sent our Design Specialist, Kevin Kreofsky, to design a system that was unique to her home.

Our Foreman, Dakota Merchlewitz, started the installation process by drilling a hole in the slab foundation of the home and connected a PVC pipe. The radon gas is drawn upward, and the pipe guides it to the fan. The fan draws and vents radon safely above and away from the home. 

High Levels of Radon in Lewiston, MN

Brandon R. in Lewiston, MN had learned about the dangers of radon gas and decided that he needed to get his home tested. The test results showed a high level of radon. So our Design Specialist, Mac Cole, walked Brandon through the radon mitigation installation process and answered his questions. Brandon wanted to act quickly so his family's health would no longer be compromised, so he had the system installed as soon as possible. 

Our crew drilled a hole through the floor in the basement to insert a PVC pipe and create a suction point for the radon gas. Then the gas is vented through the pipe and out of the home. A fan is also installed at the top of the PVC pipe where the gas is vented out to ensure that the gas is pushed away from the home. Brandon now has peace of mind knowing that his family is protected from this dangerous gas.

According to the World Health Organization, radon causes 15% of the world's lung cancer cases and kills over 20,000 people each year. If you have not gotten your home tested for radon, click here to set up an appointment!

Radon Mitigation Contractor in Bloomer, WI

Tammy F. wanted to get a radon mitigation system installed at her home in Bloomer, WI. She did some research online and came across our website, so she contacted us on our webchat. She scheduled a FREE estimate and quote with our Design Specialist. Our Design Specialist went to Tammy's home, inspected her space, and proposed proper placement for the radon mitigation system. Tammy was confident in the proposal and the system's features, so she went ahead with the project.

Our Foreman and his crew member began the installation in the utility room and connected PVC piping until they got to the outside of the home, where they installed the radon mitigation system. The purpose of this system is to pull radon from out of the home and expose it into the open air. Tammy was very happy with the work and rated our crew a 10. 

Are you looking to get your home tested or mitigated for radon? We can help! Contact us today.

Radon Mitigation System Installation in Plainview, MN

A current customer from Plainview, MN had several of our products installed throughout the basement of her home. During one of her annual maintenance visits, one of our Service Technicians expressed concern that her home might be subject to Radon gas. He explained that this hazardous, invisible, and odorless gas was the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarette smoking. She agreed to have her home checked using one of our leave-behind kits. Our Service Tech, Darin, set up the kit and after 48-72 hours she sent it in to obtain the results, which came back at 5.1 pCi/L. Once her results came back, Darin explained to her that The Environmental Protection Agency recommends taking action for anything above 4 pCi/L. He went on to explain that her 1 pCi/L of Radon is equivalent to smoking 2.5 cigarettes. When she wondered what could be done, Darin suggested having a Radon Mitigation system installed. He explained to her that once the system was installed, it would work to pull Radon from the house, pipe it upwards through venting, and push it out and away from the home. She agreed with Darin's recommendation and work began shortly after. Our Foreman, Dakota, and his crew quickly and efficiently installed the system and now our customer can go back to enjoying her home without worries about toxic Radon gas pollution! 

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