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Before and After Pictures from Shakopee
Cracked Driveway Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Cracked Driveway Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Before After
Cracked Driveway Repaired in Shakopee, MN Cracked Driveway Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Alex and Jill G. of Shakopee, MN had cracked concrete on their driveway, so they did some research online and came across American Waterworks concrete repair projects. They filled out of our FREE Estimate online form, so we sent out our Design Specialist, Joe Muehlbauer, to their home to inspect the concrete and come up with a solution. Alex and Jill were both confident in Joe's proposal, so they went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Brandon Wiskow, started the project by injecting 16 pounds of PolyLevel underneath the concrete to raise and stabilize the surface. Our PolyLevel is a unique foam that adjusts quickly and prevents soil corrosion. Next, Brandon applied 60 feet of our NexusPro to seal the cracks. Our NexusPro is a special sealant that provides long-term flexibility, prevents further cracking, and gives the concrete a clean appearance. Alex and Jill were ecstatic with the work and love the view from the bottom of their driveway! 

Concrete Step Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Concrete Step Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Before After
Concrete Step Repaired in Shakopee, MN Concrete Step Repaired in Shakopee, MN

Homeowners in Shakopee, MN had cracked concrete on their front step, making them consider the value of their home, especially if they ever sell it. They did some research online and came across American Waterworks office line. They gave us a call to schedule a FREE Estimate with our Design Specialist, Joe Muehlbauer. Joe went to their home to inspect the problem and come up with a solution. The homeowners were confident in Joe's plan, so they went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Brandon Wiskow, applied our NexusPro to secure the cracks in the step. Our NexusPro is a protective sealant that voids cracks provides long-term flexibility, and prevents any further soil disruption. It also gives the concrete a clean and neat appearance. The homeowners were happy with the work and love the new look! 

Leaking Basement Fix in Shakopee, MN

Leaking Basement Fix in Shakopee, MN

Before After
Leaking Basement Fix in Shakopee, MN Leaking Basement Fix in Shakopee, MN

Matt T. of Shakopee, MN had water leaking through the corner of his unfinished basement wall during heavy rainstorms and he wanted to get it looked at it before it got any worse. He knew of an employee at American Waterworks, so he scheduled a free estimate with our Design Specialist, Tim Schneider. Tim went to his home, carefully inspected his problems, and drew out a solution that worked for him and his budget. He was confident in Tim's proposal and presentation, so he followed through with the project. 

Our Foreman, Lane Schlobohm, and his production team started the work by installing our CleanSpace Half Wall System Vapor Barrier around the basement wall perimeter, which is made to prevent mold and mildew, and it acts as an extra wall protectant. Next, our team installed our DryTrak Drain Pipe System, which is permanently installed above the floor. Our crew drilled a weep hole through each foundation block to enable the water to pour through the holes and into the drain pipe. The installation only took one day and Matt was happy with the work that was completed! 

Not only do we perform work in basement waterproofing. We also provide services in foundation repair, crawl space repair/waterproofing, radon testing/mitigation, and concrete repair/lifting. Call us today or click HERE to request your free estimate with our team!

Trustworthy Structural Repair, Waterproofing & Concrete Raising in Shakopee, MN

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Foundation repair and concrete repair

In addition to our basement expertise, we also excel at foundation repair and concrete leveling. We understand how crucial a foundation is to the integrity of your home, and we know how scary foundation cracks and bowing walls can be. Using a line of foundation repair products designed by structural and geotechnical engineers at Foundation Supportworks, we can solve these issues and more when you come to us with your foundation needs.

If concrete slab settlement is affecting your home, we will provide PolyLevel® to lift and level these slabs back to their original positions. Concrete leveling is more important than you might think because uneven, bumpy driveways and sidewalks can cause tripping hazards - be sure to ask us about concrete lifting when we visit your home!

American Waterworks also offers NexusPro and SealantPro for a comprehensive solution for damaged concrete.  NexusPro is an incredibly durable and long-lasting solution for cracked concrete repair. NexusPro is resistant to UV rays and harsh weather, and sets in as little as one hour. SealantPro, our driveway sealing formula, is not available in your local home improvement store and protects your concrete against damage for 3-5 times longer! Call today for a free estimate on amazing PolyLevel┬« injections, NexusPro or SealantPro applications!

Our services in Shakopee, MN:

  • Foundation repair
  • Concrete leveling and lifting
  • Commercial foundations

Are you concerned about water in your basement or crawl space, or cracks in your foundation or concrete slabs? American Waterworks is your local expert in all of these services and more. We offer free estimates to all of our customers in Shakopee, MN and throughout the surrounding areas. Schedule yours today!

Job Stories From Shakopee, MN
Sunken Stoop in Shakopee, MN

Carol B. in Shakopee, MN was tired of dealing with a sunken stoop that had become a trip hazard. She decided it was time to find a concrete repair contractor to help solve her problem. While researching, she came across American Waterworks. She was interested to learn more about our PolyLevel foam injection solution, so she gave us a call and we sent a Design Specialist to her home to give her a free estimate. She was pleased to find out that the process would be quick and non-invasive, so she set a date for the installation. 

Our PolyLevel experts drilled small holes into the concrete to inject the foam. Once injected, the foam only takes 30 minutes to cure, so Carol was able to see the results almost right away. She was glad she found a more efficient and affordable concrete repair solution through American Waterworks, and she no longer has to deal with the trip hazard. 

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