Crawl Space Repair in Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa & Western WI

Have You Fixed Your Musty Crawl Space?Humidity and water quickly can turn a useful crawl space into a damp and dirty cave.

American Waterworks has two decades of experience cleaning and reclaiming those important spaces beneath your home’s floorboards.

When contractors build crawl spaces, one common practice is installing vents to create air circulation and move moist air outdoors. But the moist can lead to mold or even decay in wooden supports.

Crawl Space Before Repair
Before Repair
Crawl Space After Encapsulation
After Encapsulation

In the summer, hot humid air enters the crawl space and rises into the main part of the home. The cooler air already in the crawl space causes moisture to condense and dampen the space.

The moist conditions are ideal for growth of molds and, which can flourish on wood and other organic material. Then updrafts of warm air can carry more mold spores, odors, allergens and humidity into the house itself.

When the damage reaches an advanced stage, it can require expensive repairs, such as pulling out rotted wood and installing new supports.

Venting in crawl spaces also can be a wintertime problem. While humidity isn’t a major cause, cold air can sap energy from hot water pipes and heating ducts running through the crawl space. The home’s furnace or hot water heater will work harder to offset those energy losses.

Of course, a cold crawl space also cools the floor above. Anyone walking shoeless across a bare floor can feel the chill from the crawl space below.

Seal and use your crawl space in Minneapolis: MN, IA, WI

Encapsulated, CleanSpace Crawl Space
Encapsulated, CleanSpace Crawl Space

American Waterworks can wrap your crawl space with a room-sized barrier to avoid damage from moisture and other dangers. The technique is called “crawl space encapsulation.”

The CleanSpace Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System effectively reclaims the sub-floor area as useful part of your house, keeping it dry and controlling its temperature.

American Waterworks crews attach the vinyl vapor barrier to the walls of the crawl space, as well as across the floor or ground. The barrier, which is a reinforced liner 20 mils thick, seals the space away from moisture. The liner itself is mold resistant and also can retard radon gas found in some soils. It is guaranteed for 25 years against material defects.

Encapsulating a crawl space can reduce energy losses from utility pipes and lead to cost savings. The Basement Systems network estimates that American Waterworks and other member contractors are saving customers more than $5 million a year in lower costs for natural gas, heating oil and electricity.

In addition, those installations likely have prevented numerous other projects to replace damaged wood supports and repair damage from mold.

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