Foundation Wall Anchor Support Contractor in Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin

American Waterworks Anchors Your Bowing Walls!

Foundation Wall AnchoringThe basement wall once was smooth and solid. Now, after years of wear, it is bulging, cracking or caving in spots. A tired wall like this could use a firm anchor to prevent further deterioration.

American Waterworks can brace walls that are bowed or show structural wear with foundation anchors. This treatment reinforces the side wall and might be able to return it to its initial frame.

American Waterworks will make a free, no-obligation estimate for a wall anchor repair for homeowners in our service territory of southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and western Wisconsin.

Walls Under Pressure

The basement walls are holding back many tons of earth surrounding the house. After time, the soil pressure can exceed the strength of the walls and cracks can appear. The force also can push in walls and weaken them. In the worst cases, it could affect the load-bearing capacity of the walls and their ability to support the ground and upper floors of a house.

American Waterworks uses a system called Foundation SupportWorks to shore up those weakened walls instead of replacing them. The system employs wall anchors, which are less costly than many other wall bracing products and are not as disruptive as rebuilding foundation walls.

Wall Anchors Work in the Earth

American Waterworks installs specialized anchors that, in effect, use the earth next to the walls to brace them. The anchors themselves are plates embedded in the earth outside the walls. Each is connected with an adjustable steel rod to a plate located on the interior side of the wall. The system can be tightened to hold the wall in position.

The anchoring system is a reliable option for repairing below-ground walls. It also is independent; it is not connected to other supports for your house.

In addition, the anchors can be set into the ground outside with little disturbance of landscaping. Our installers typically do not need to remove sidewalks, patios or swimming pools that are situated beside the house.

American Waterworks also offers other options for repairing foundation and crawl space walls.

To find out how we can repair your foundation walls and better use your lower level, call for a free inspection and estimate. Or contact us online using the contact form on our Web site.