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  • By Brad R.
    Decorah, IA

    "I would use you again!"

    Customer Review

    By Brad R.
    Decorah, IA

    I would use you again!

Tom Webbles from American Waterworks

Title: Vice President

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Tom Webbles from American Waterworks

Tom has been with American Waterworks since 2015. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Before taking the role of Vice President he has been in the role of Service Manager, Design Specialist, Commercial Sales Specialist, and has also assisted with our marketing initiatives. His day to day position consists of monitoring the operations of the company, improving processes, recruiting, and helping in any area he can. He loves working for American Waterworks because he is proud to work for a company that takes care of its employees and community.

When he’s not at work, he likes to spend as much of his time as possible with his wife and son. He also loves working on their home, traveling and camping. Tom is an asset to our team and we are lucky to have him!

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  • Water Leaking into Basement in Waukon, IA
    Water Leaking into Basement in Waukon, IA

    Katie W. in Waukon, IA noticed that she had cracks in her foundation and water was seeping through the cracks into her basement. The water had started damaging her personal items in her basement, and she was concerned that the damage to her basement was only going to get worse. She started looking for a waterproofing contractor in the area and she came across the American Waterworks website. She was glad to see that we have over 29 years of experience in the waterproofing industry. She contacted us to receive a free estimate, so we sent a Design Specialist to her home to inspect her basement and design a solution. She was pleased with the proposal that we developed for her, so she scheduled the installation.

    Our production team installed a full perimeter of our WaterGuard drainage system in her basement and two lateral lines through the middle of the floor. We also installed our TripleSafe sump pump system- which is our most reliable sump pump. The drainage system properly guides water to the sump pump, and from there the water is pumped through the discharge line and expelled from the home. Our waterproofing system is backed by a lifetime warranty, so Katie can rest easy knowing that she chose the right solution to protect her home for the long-term.

    Do you have water leaking into your basement? Click here to receive a FREE estimate!

  • Sunken Driveway in Utica, MN
    Sunken Driveway in Utica, MN

    Corey K. in Utica, MN was tired of dealing with the frustration of having a severely sunken driveway. Over time, the driveway had sunk over 4 inches and it caused a large bump while driving in and out of the garage. It was also a trip hazard.

    While researching concrete repair contractors, he came across American Waterworks and was interested to learn more about our PolyLevel concrete repair solution. He gave us a call and we sent out a Design Specialist to give him a free estimate. Our Design Specialist thoroughly explained the process of the PolyLevel injection and how it would raise his concrete to be completely level with the garage.

    Corey was pleased to hear this, and he was also happy that the PolyLevel option is a quicker and more affordable alternative to traditional concrete repair. 

    One of our PolyLevel experts, Brandon Wiskow, drilled penny-sized holes in numerous spots of the concrete slabs that needed to be raised. He then injected the foam until the driveway was once again level with the garage. Lastly, he sealed the cracks with our Nexus Pro sealant. The entire process only took a few hours and it was minimally invasive. Corey is glad he chose the PolyLevel option through American Waterworks to address his concrete repair needs. He can now enjoy level concrete for years to come!

    Do you have sunken or uneven concrete? Click here to receive a free estimate!

  • Settling Deck in Rochester, MN
    Settling Deck in Rochester, MN

    Stephen S. in Rochester, MN found that his deck had started settling and putting pressure on their home. He was worried about the damage that it was causing to the structure of his home, so he contacted American Waterworks for a FREE estimate.

    We sent one of our Design Specialists to his home to inspect the situation and to find a solution for him. We recommended installing a helical pier under each deck post to support the weight of the deck and raise it back to its original position. Stephen agreed that that was the best solution to his foundation problem, so we scheduled an installation as soon as possible. 

    Our crew installed 3 helical piers to support the deck and relieve the stress that it was putting on their home. The project took a couple of days, but since our piers are backed with a lifetime warranty, Stephen will reap the benefits of this project for years to come. He is pleased with the work was done and he is glad that he made the investment to protect the foundation of their home.

    Is your deck sinking? Click here for your FREE estimate!

  • Wet Basement in Hayfield, MN Gets Waterproofed
    Wet Basement in Hayfield, MN Gets Waterproofed

    Colleen R. in Hayfield, MN was suffering from a wet basement. Her old system was not keeping up with the amount of water that was coming through her foundation, so she called American Waterworks to receive a FREE estimate. One of our Design Specialists went to her home to inspect her basement and to develop a solution. She was pleased with the thorough plan that we proposed to her, so she chose to have our waterproofing system installed. 

    Our production team started the waterproofing process by removing the concrete around the perimeter of her basement floor and installing our WaterGuard drainage system. The WaterGuard connects to the TripleSafe sump pump that they installed in the corner of the basement. The water that was leaking into her basement before is now guided through the drainage system, into the sump pump, and then expelled from the home through the discharge line. Colleen's basement has remained a dry, livable space and her peace of mind has been restored!

    Do you have water leaking into your basement? Click here to receive a FREE estimate!

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