Winterizing Your Cabin or Lake Home

We’ll be the first to say it, winter is right around the corner and there's nothing worse than being unprepared and anxious about a property you’re not regularly visiting, like a lakeside home or rural cabin. While it is true that there are numerous variables that can contribute to damage in the winter months, there’s no need to fear because we can offer you the best solutions to give you peace of mind all winter long. 


Water in the Basement

Have you noticed standing water, musty odors, or wet basement floors? This could be an indicator that you’re experiencing waterproofing issues in your space. While you may think this is not a big deal because water will freeze in the winter, it can spell disaster in the Spring. As the temperature steadily rises, the snow and ice surrounding your property will begin to melt, creating water runoff, and, you guessed it, it’s headed right for your basement. Without the proper protection, you're looking at a huge mess and potentially an even bigger hit to your wallet to correct the issue. 

Not to fear, there are a few ways to take preventative measures to ensure your space stays dry even when you’re away. Think of installing or upgrading your sump pump. Your sump system is the first line of defense against water in your basement, and as such, needs to be able to handle large amounts of water at any given time. Other lines of defense include interior drainage systems, vapor barriers, and IceGuard discharge lines, all designed to keep water where it belongs.


Energy-Inefficient Crawl Spaces

If you’ve walked across your floor in the early morning and instantly been chilled to the bone, it could be a sign that your crawl space is allowing cold air to enter, creating an energy inefficient space. We often see this complaint from homeowners who have unfinished dirt crawl space beneath their home. The last thing you need is a heightened energy bill at a property you’re not spending any time at. In this case, we recommend you think about crawl space insulation to go hand in hand with a crawl space vapor barrier. This combination will act as a moisture barrier while simultaneously retaining heat and blocking the cold winter air from entering which will help you avoid costly frozen pipes. Still not sold? It would probably help to know that encapsulating your crawl space will benefit you and your home all year long. 


Clean and Healthy Air

Along with protecting pipes and increasing efficiency throughout your home, it should be noted that a sealed crawl space enhances the air you breathe each day. After all, the air circulating in your home originates and rises from the crawl space, meaning if you have an unencapsulated space, you run the risk of breathing in harmful toxins, mold, mildew, rot, and more. We can think of better ways to spend the first week back at your cabin other than trying to rid it of musty odors and smells. Wondering how to fix it? Talk to one of our Design Specialists about whether or not our AprilAire dehumidifier is the correct choice for your household. This powerful and energy-efficient option will filter out that unhealthy air, while simultaneously aiding any humidity issues that might arise, making it the ideal choice for any lake home or cabin.


We aren’t quite ready to wave goodbye to the lush days of summer, but knowing our customers are well prepared for the curveballs winter throws makes it a little easier. If you’re ready to take the next step in winterizing your summer home, click HERE to schedule your FREE estimate and ensure you can have peace of mind all winter long! 


Winterizing Your Cabin or Lake Home - Image 2



Winterizing Your Cabin or Lake Home - Image 2


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