Basement Waterproofing Products in MN, WI, & IA

Certified Quality Basement SystemsAmerican Waterworks products have proven themselves as innovative and effective. Using them, we have cleaned up wet basements for thousands of homeowners.

Over the years, we have obtained 25 patents for our products and received 20 prizes for innovations.

Our expertise and our broad selection of basement waterproofing products can help you stop water from entering and keep your basement dry. Our professional crews install all of our products. Contact American Waterworks by phone or online to rid your basement of crawl space of water leaks or high moisture conditions.

Drainage Systems
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WaterGuard Basement Drainage System

WaterGuard Basement Drainage SystemWaterproofing contractors have tried for many years to find reliable drainage methods that won’t accumulate soil and clog over time. Our WaterGuard drainage system collects water around the perimeter of the foundation walls and funnels it to a drain or sump pump. It is set atop the footing but below floor level in the joint between the foundation wall and floor. This drainage method collects water coming in through walls or gaps, but not dirt and debris from the floor. The system, which is patented in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, also was a winner of the CQIA Innovation Prize.

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TrenchDrain Surface Drainage System

TrenchDrain Surface Drainage SystemWhen water is running under doors and down stairways, it’s time to take action. Even if you can’t see it right away, you may spot the signs like water stains at the foot of some stairs. You can interrupt and collect those little water streams with TrenchDrain. The drainage system blocks and redirects the flow of water back in the earth beneath the floor.

TrenchDrain comes in two sizes, one for large flows and the other for lighter trickles.

Basement Wall Systems
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Paneling Systems and Wall Solutions

Paneling Systems and Wall SolutionsAmerican Waterworks can give your basement walls a new look and practical finish for waterproofing! We offer four options that can both waterproof and spruce up your basement living area.

Our Basement Wall Systems include:

  1. Zen Wall Paneling – This wall covering comes with a decorative finish on one side and a practical vapor barrier on the side nearest the all. The panels give the room a clean, semi-finished appearance.
  2. BrightWall Paneling – These large sheets of plastic panels stop penetration of water vapor through walls and, at the same time, direct wall leaks down to drainage systems at the foot of walls. American Waterworks recommends BrightWall for storage or working areas.
  3. CleanSpace Wall System – A heavy plastic liner fastens permanently to the wall. The system works well with uneven surfaces such as stone walls. It is an economical choice and the liner carries a 25-year warranty. We suggest installing this wall treatment before finishing your basement.
Basement Floor Systems

Basement floors can be cold and damp underfoot. American Waterworks sells systems designed to take the chill away!

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ThermalDry Flooring

ThermalDry FlooringThermalDry Basement Floor Systems – ThermalDry is modular flooring system, which allows fast installation. Customers can choose tile, parquet or carpet flooring. The bottom side of the flooring is a plastic base. The design leaves a small space of air to prevent water vapor from condensing into droplets.

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MillCreek Flooring

MillCreek FlooringMillCreek Flooring – This covering gives your basement floors the appearance of a hardwood floor. It is available in three finishes: Natural oak, mahogany and rosewood. With MillCreek Flooring, homeowners can enjoy the appearance of hardwood without the risk of moisture or water damage to a hardwood floor. It is waterproof and does not harbor bacteria or molds. The flooring is stain-resistant and does not contain formaldehyde.

Dehumidifiaction & Air Filtration Systems
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SaniDry High Performance Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems

SaniDry High Performance Dehumidification and Air Filtration SystemsBanish bad or musty odors from your basement spaces. American Waterworks provides the SaniDry High Performance Dehumidification and Air Filtration Systems for its customers. This system both dries and cleans the air in either finished or unfinished spaces below ground. The unit is Energy Star rated, placing it among energy -efficient models. The system can extract as many as 100 pounds of water from the air each day.

Our SaniDry High Performance Dehumidifier is:

  • Energy Star rated!
  • Able to take up to 100 pints of water out of the air per day.
  • Runs on less energy than a standard dehumidifier.

A smaller system, the SaniDry Model 7, is designed for use in crawl spaces with clearance of 3 feet or less. Like the larger system, it will automatically empty the moisture collected to dehumidify the room.

Available models of San-Dry equipment come with filters able to remove mold spores, dust and mites that can cause allergies. An optional filter also is able to remove odors from basement air.

Sump Pumps
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TripleSafe Sump Pump System

TripleSafe Sump Pump SystemTripleSafe combines three separate sump pumps to guard against pump failures and assure removal of water from home basements. Two of the pumps can work separately if one fails or together if necessary to keep up with large water flows. Together they can move 6,200 gallons an hour.

A third battery-powered pump acts as a back-up in case of a power outage. The TripleSafe system is equipped with an alarm to warn of a pumping failure.

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SuperSump Sump Pump System

SuperSump Sump Pump SystemThe SuperSump is a single 1/3 horsepower pump able to move 2,200 gallons an hour. It is recommended for unfinished basements without floor storage. The SuperSump can be upgraded with a battery-driven backup pump, called the UltraSump, to protect against power blackouts .It also is equipped with an alarm in case of pump failure.

Our SuperSump Sump Pump:

  • Resists clogging.
  • Is equipped with a high-end 1/3 HP cast-iron Zoeller sump pump with a mechanical float switch and a WaterWatch Sump Pump Alarm that sounds off in the event of pump failure.
  • Has a patented airtight sump pump cover.
Other Products
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FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair System

FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair SystemThe FlexiSpan repair system, available through American Waterworks, uses a two-layer process to prevent water from seeping through wall cracks. A flexible sealant is applied first to plug entry points for water. The second layer is special foam that further seals the area.

The patented FlexSpan system replaces epoxy or urethane repairs which are more susceptible to expansion and contraction of foundation walls from temperature changes or moisture.

Our FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair Solution:

  • Eliminates messy, unreliable epoxy or urethane injections.
  • Has two layers of protection.

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Domestic Water Flood Protection in MN

Domestic Water Flood Protection in MNA leaking water heater or well water tank could send a large burst of water sloshing across your basement. American Waterworks can help you guard against that sudden failure with FloodRing, a device designed to control the escaping water and protect the rest of your basement from it.

A semicircular ring is attached to the floor to channel the water to a drainage system or sump pump. An alarm typically is included to warn homeowners about the leaking tank.

FloodRing is designed to wrap around your water heater to protect the rest of your basement from a pressurized water release. A unique floor alarm and floor drain are typically installed with FloodRing. The alarm will alert you to water on the floor within the ring and the floor drain will drain the water into your sub-floor drainage system or sump pump system.

Reinforced Appliance Hoses

FloodChek hoses are another measure to prevent water damage in the home. These reinforced hoses for washing machines can handle constant water pressure, which can be 60 pounds per square inch. A burst hose can spray water at the rate of 650 gallons of water an hour. FloodChek hoses carry a 20-year warranty.

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IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System

IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line SystemThe IceGuard discharge system assures that water can escape from a sump pump even if its main discharge line is frozen or blocked. The emergency device, which is attached to discharge line, automatically allows water out through a group of perforations. That enables the sump pump inside the home to operate normally and prevent water from damaging the basement.