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Before and After Pictures from Saint Paul
Sunken Steps in Maplewood, Minnesota

Sunken Steps in Maplewood, Minnesota

Before After
Sunken Steps in Maplewood, Minnesota Sunken Steps in Maplewood, Minnesota

John H. of Maplewood, MN was tired of having sunken steps on his front porch. He saw an advertisement for American Waterworks and was interested to learn more about our concrete repair solution. We sent one of our Design Specialists, Kevin McWithey, to his home to inspect his concrete problem and design a solution. Kevin assured him that we could have his steps raised and leveled within a matter of hours by using our PolyLevel injection. John was happy to hear this, so he set a date for the injection.

Our concrete repair experts, Jared Wroblewski and Trevor Ellingson, drilled small holes into the concrete slabs where the foam needed to be injected. They injected the foam until the steps were raised and leveled back to their original position. John is glad he found a concrete repair solution that is a faster, durable and more affordable alternative to traditional concrete repair. The process only took a couple of hours, and now John and his family are able to enjoy a beautiful front porch for years to come!

Concrete Repair in Saint Paul, MN

Concrete Repair in Saint Paul, MN

Before After
Concrete Repair in Saint Paul, MN Concrete Repair in Saint Paul, MN

Timothy M.'s front steps and sidewalk were cracked and uneven, making him want to consider his home's value. He got in touch with our office staff and scheduled a FREE estimate with our Design Specialist, Michel. Michel went to Timothy's home and carefully inspected the concrete. Michel proposed our PolyLevel and NexusPro to repair Timothy's concrete. He was confident in our proposal, so he moved forward with the process.

Our Foreman, Troy, and his team injected 190 pounds of our PolyLevel and 15 feet of our NexusPro. Our PolyLevel is a special foam that lifts concrete and stabilizes the surface. Along with that, it also cures within 15 minutes of injection and is waterproof, unlike mudjacking. Our NexusPro is a unique sealant that gives the concrete a neat appearance and prevents moisture from invading the soil beneath the concrete. To complete the project, Troy performed a final walkthrough with Timothy to ensure he was happy with the project. 

Are you looking at a spring home improvement concrete project? Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate

WaterGuard Installation in St. Paul, MN

WaterGuard Installation in St. Paul, MN

Before After
WaterGuard Installation in St. Paul, MN WaterGuard Installation in St. Paul, MN

A customer from St. Paul, MN, contacted us because of water coming in from the foundation. Our Design Specialist went out to the property and recommended the customer invest in our WaterGuard system. This particular system is typically used in basements and is the premier choice for basement waterproofing as it is installed below the floor, but rests atop the foundation, keeping it out of the "mud zone", making it harder to clog. 

Our Foreman, Jose, installed the WaterGuard system and now the homeowners can resume basement activities without worrying about water damage dampening the fun!

Professional Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Company in Saint Paul, MN

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Testimonials From Saint Paul
Rachel said she has already referred us to one of her friends because of our integrity and work ethic...
Testimonial by Rachel R. from Saint Paul, MN
They were booked out two months when I called them but the project date of work was right on. They said it...
Testimonial by Shirley R. from Saint Paul, MN
My husband and I live in a home built in 1913. While it was mostly remodeled before we moved in about 6 years...
Testimonial by Natalie B. from Saint Paul, MN

Basement waterproofing and crawl space repair in Saint Paul, MN

Even though you can't always see them, your below-the-home spaces can wreak havoc on the rest of your property. Wet basements and crawl spaces promote mold growth, allergies, structural weaknesses, and many more serious problems. The changing seasons and precipitation in Saint Paul, MN also don't do your home any favors.

That's why American Waterworks, a local basement waterproofing company, has been serving Saint Paul, MN homeowners with basement and crawl space repair services for the past several decades. We also specialize in foundation repair and more!

How can you tell if your basement has a water problem? Some instances are obvious, such as if your basement floods every time it rains, but there are other signs to look out for as well:

  • Wet or damp basement floor or standing water
  • Leaking or damp basement walls or windows
  • Crystalline deposits on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors, condensation, and humidity
  • Sump pump issues

American Waterworks is a member of the Basement Systems dealer network, giving us access to top-tier basement waterproofing products to rid your home of all of these problems. Some of our products include drainage systems, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and much more. And the good news is that as soon as you take care of your basement's water issues, your basement can start to give back to you. You'll be able to make better use of a basement you know will stay safe and dry!

In addition to basement waterproofing, we also help with crawl space repair. Crawl spaces are just as susceptible to mold and moisture problems - maybe even more so, because most often they are left entirely open to the elements. Using a crawl space vapor barrier system, which includes crawl space versions of many of our basement products, American Waterworks can handle crawl space encapsulation and repair with ease.

Protect your home with foundation repair

Shifting, settling soils in Saint Paul, MN can lead to major damage to your home's foundation. Water can erode the soils around your home, and some soils were never suitable to bear the weight of a foundation to begin with. You can't change your property's soil profile without moving, but you can fix foundation problems with American Waterworks's proven foundation repair services!

Signs of foundation problems

  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Uneven, sloping, or sagging floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Tilting chimneys

American Waterworks employs Foundation Supportworks solutions to all common foundation problems. Our foundation repair products include foundation piers, wall anchors and reinforcement, crawl space support jacks, helical deck piers, and more. When a foundation technician from American Waterworks comes to inspect your property, we'll determine the root cause of your home's structural issues before recommending any particular solution. But because all of our solutions are less disruptive and less costly than total foundation replacement, you'll be pleased with the results!

Saint Paul, MN concrete leveling

Along with foundation issues, your property may be experiencing concrete slab shifting or settling. Concrete is a heavy substance, and over time it can become displaced - once again because of weak soils. Over the years, there have been many attempts to combat concrete sinking, but none of the methods provided an optimal solution - until now!

American Waterworks uses PolyLevel® for all of your home's concrete leveling and lifting needs. PolyLevel® uses a lightweight, strong foaming agent that is injected into the void beneath your concrete slab. This foam expands, lifting concrete back to its original position. PolyLevel® is quick to install, and the area will be ready for normal use just 15 minutes after application!

American Waterworks also offers complete concrete repair systems in Saint Paul, including NexusPro and SealantPro. NexusPro repairs cracked concrete, using a polyurethane binding agent engineered to last. SealantPro seals and protects concrete driveways and other concrete surfaces from the elements, including harsh UV rays. Our experienced concrete specialists are happy to fix any settling or cracked concrete you may have in your home.

For all of your basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other needs, you've come to the right place. American Waterworks is an experienced local company that cares about its customers. We offer free estimates for all of our services in St. Paul, MN and nearby - schedule yours today!

Case Studies From Saint Paul
A homeowner in Roseville, MN noticed an area of moisture surrounding their fireplace. Wanting to address the issue right away, they called our office...
A homeowner in Saint Paul, MN got in contact with us when they decided to correct sagging floors in a room over their basement. When they called our...
A homeowner in St. Paul, MN, saw that the foundation right outside their home was beginning to crumble. Instead of letting the issue worsen, the...
Job Stories From Saint Paul, MN
Sagging Floor Gets Stabilized in Saint Paul, MN

A homeowner from Saint Paul, MN got in contact with us when he began to notice the floor above his basement beginning to sag. Not wanting to wait for the problem to worsen, he began to research companies that could help. When he came across American Waterworks he decided to give us a call. We set him up with our FREE, no-obligation estimate. A few weeks later our Design. Specialist, Mac, stopped out at the home to complete his inspection. 

After his inspection concluded, Mac recommended the installation of our SmartJacks to address the sagging floor. Mac explained to the homeowner that our SmartJack system provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floors. He went on to say that because of its design, SmartJacks can be adjusted over time to provide additional straightening and leveling action if necessary. The homeowner agreed and work began a few weeks later. 

Our Foreman, Jesus, and his team began the project by verifying Mac's measurements for the SmartJacks. Next, they began by removing concrete below where the SmartJack would go. This way the jack has solid ground to be attached to. Then, the team inserted the jack and tightened it, and repeated the process with 14 SmartJack's through the space. Finally, the crew covered the base of each SmartJack in cement to further stabilize them and ensure no movement would happen. 

Once the job was done our customer was thrilled to know he no longer had to worry about sagging floors! 

If you're facing a similar issue, click HERE to take the first steps in restoring your faith in your space! 

Leaky Fireplace Gets Transformed in Roseville, MN

A homeowner from Roseville, MN got in touch with us when he began to notice water pooling on his basement floor in front of his fireplace. He was afraid that if he didn't get the issue properly addressed he could run the risk of the problem worsening and being harder to fix later down the road. When he called our office, we set him up with our FREE, no-obligation estimateA few weeks later our Design Specialist, Jesse, was scheduled to head out to the appointment. 

At the time of the estimate inspection, Jesse took a deep dive into the issue and what could be causing it. When the estimate was completed, Jesse was ready to make his recommendations as to how American Waterworks could help fix the issue. Jesse recommended using our WaterGuard system. He explained that our WaterGuard French drainage system is an award-winning, patented below-floor drain that rests in a bed of drainage stone on top of the foundation footing. He went on to say that this system is popular because of its resistance to clogs, easy-to-access ports, and ability to collect water leaking from basement walls. The homeowner agreed and work began shortly after. 

On the day of the project installation, our Foreman, Chris, and his team arrived at the property and began by removing the concrete at the base of the fireplace. Next, they removed the concrete along the wall leading to the sump pump so the water being caught by the WaterGuard could have access to a disposal site. Then, they laid the drainage stone. Next, they placed the WaterGuard and attached it to the sump. Finally, the crew covered the drain in a layer of concrete to keep the drain from moving. 

Once the job was complete the homeowner was happy to know he could go back to enjoying his basement without water intrusion worries! If you're facing a similar issue, or have concerns about water in your basement, click HERE to take the first steps towards reclaiming your space! 

St. Paul, MN, PowerBraces Installed

A homeowner in St. Paul, MN, was cleaning around their home when they discovered that their foundation was severely cracking. Anxious about this discovery, the homeowner knew they needed professional help. While searching through NextDoor, the homeowner came across the high reviews on our page and was immediately interested. The homeowner was impressed enough with our services that they decided to sign up for their FREE estimate. Once the estimate was set, the homeowner prepared for the arrival of Daniel, one of our Design Specialists. After Daniel arrived, he began by evaluating the status of the foundation. Following his evaluation, Daniel discovered that the wall was suffering from hydrostatic pressure. To stop the pressure from the building, Daniel suggested that the walls be permanently stabilized. The homeowners agreed with Daniel's suggestions and waited for the crew's arrival. Our Foreman, Lane, and his crew arrived at the home for the PowerBrace installation. PowerBraces is a foundation wall repair system, designed to stabilize failing basement walls and provide the potential to straighten them over time. First, the crew begins by cutting the wall braces. Next, the PowerBraces are secured into the floor joist hardware and fine-tuned into the correct position. The, the PowerBraces are attached to the floor with a special, bolt-in-place bracket. Since the homeowners wished to include the straightening kit, they can tighten the brackets over time to gradually straighten the walls. After the crew was finished with the PowerBrace installation, they cleaned up their materials and left the home. After reviewing the work done by the crew, the homeowner was given peace of mind knowing their foundation wouldn't collapse. If you are experiencing a similar issue, sign up for a FREE estimate today! 

PolyLevel and NexusPro Helps Restore Driveway in Saint Paul, Mn

Camy M. from Saint Paul, Mn started to see that the concrete slabs from her driveway started to settle and began to crack. Camy felt as if it was left unchecked it might worsen over time causing potential hazards. Camy then contacted the Appointment Center here at American Waterworks to claim her FREE estimate, which entitles her to a free home inspection by one of our Design Specialists. Once scheduled and the thorough home inspection is completed, our Design Specialist proposed to Camy that the best solution would be to invest in our PolyLevel solution along with our NexusPro solution. The PolyLevel injection is a polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete to fill the voids that are caused by soil erosion and help stabilize the concrete slabs. Camy agreed and scheduled the date of installation. 

Our Foreman and his Production crew then arrived at the property by strategically drilling holes in the problem slabs and then injecting the PolyLevel foam. After this process is done, the crew followed by using our NexusPro solution, a silicone-based sealant that seals the joints and cracks to protect the PolyLevel foam from water and water vapor. The NexusPro solution is a solution that has a protectant against UV light which prevents it from drying and deteriorating, protecting the PolyLevel at the maximum capacity. 

Camy loved how her driveway looked good as new and was satisfied with the project!!


If you're in a situation similar to Camy's, contact us today to speak with someone about scheduling your FREE estimate! 

Egress Window Installation in Saint Paul, MN

Mike from Saint Paul, MN noticed that his basement window did not allow any natural sunlight into the space. Mike wanted a new look as his window was failing and deteriorating. Mike reached out to our Appointment Center at American Waterworks to claim his FREE estimate, which entitles Mike to a free home inspection by our Design Specialist. Once the appointment was set our Design Specialist then attended to Mike's property and began to do a full home inspection to provide the best solution for Mike and his worries. Our Design Specialist proposed to Mike to invest in our EverLast Basement window along with our SunHouse Window Well. The EverLast basement window is a double-paneled window that is energy efficient and may be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance care. Mike loved the idea of the Everlast window and scheduled a date for installation. 

Our Foreman and his production team then began the process by cleaning the area around the window and removing the window to begin the installation process. The production team then proceeded to install the Everlast window and attached the SunHouse window well to allow more natural light to enter the basement. Mike loved the new look and is satisfied with the amount of sunlight that enters his basement!!

If you are looking for an upgrade for your basement windows along with the window wells, contact the offices at American Waterworks for your FREE estimate today!

SuperSump Sump Pump Installation in Saint Paul, MN

Jen from Saint Paul, MN was constantly having excess water build-up. The excess water build-up was damaging not only her floor but the appliances around her basement. Jen then contacted the Appointment Center here at American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE estimate and inspection. Our Design Specialist then attended Jen's property and began a full home inspection to give a proper diagnosis and solution to help Jen resolve the issues she is experiencing. Our Design Specialist proposed to Jen our SuperSump Sump Pump System along with our WaterGaurd discharge line. The SuperSump Sump Pump is designed to keep basements dry for long periods by discharging the water out and away from the home in an efficient and timely matter. Jen agreed with the proposal and scheduled the date of installation. 

Our Foreman and his production crew then proceeded with the project by breaking the concrete located in the lowest part of the basement. Once the hole is dug the production crew then installs the WaterGuard discharge line along the wall where the SuperSump is located. The SuperSump sump pump is then installed and connected to the WaterGuard. When the production crew completes the installation process they replace the soil with engineer fill around the sump pump, to prevent sediment from entering the filtration system, and place concrete around the sump pump to give a finishing, neat look. Jen was happy with the project and is now worry-free about the excessive water build-up!

If you are experiencing excessive water build-up, contact American Waterworks and schedule your FREE estimate today!

Radon Mitigation Installed in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Greg R. was looking for a way to reduce the radon levels in his home. After searching for a radon mitigation company in his area, he found and contacted American Waterworks on Home Advisor. Greg scheduled a free inspection with our Design Specialist Brian Ramirez. Greg liked our solution and chose to have American Waterworks install his radon mitigation system. He had a very positive experience with our foreman Geno, and is now confident in the knowledge that his home is a much safer place in which to live.

If you would like to schedule a free inspection by an expert in radon mitigation, please enter your information here or call us at 1-844-801-9520.

Radon Mitigation System Installed in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Kevin D. in Saint Paul, Minnesota needed a radon mitigation system installed in the home he was  purchasing. After researching mitigation companies in his area, Kevin found American Waterworks on Home Advisor. Kevin called to set up a free inspection and met with our Design Specialist  Jesse Williams. After reviewing Jesse's designed system, Kevin chose to have a mitigation system installed by American Waterworks. Kevin was very happy with the work of our foreman Geno and his installation crew, and he is pleased with the knowledge of a safe environment in which to live and thrive. 

To set up your free estimate for a radon mitigation system, please enter your information here or call us at 1-844-801-9520.

Water Leaking Through Crack in Saint Paul, MN Foundation

Douglas P. in Saint Paul, MN had a crack in his foundation where water was leaking in. Any time he experienced a heavy rain, water would start to pool in his basement with no where to go. He started looking for a waterproofing company, and he found American Waterworks on Home Advisor.

He got in touch with us to receive a FREE estimate, so we sent one of our Design Specialists, Chad Johnson, to his home to inspect his basement and design a solution. While Chad was there, he noticed that the support beams in his basement had started to sag, which was causing the cracks in the foundation. Chad recommended that we install SmartJacks as well as our waterproofing system to ensure that his basement would permanently be a dry space. Douglas agreed, and he liked the proposal that Chad presented, so he decided to move forward with the installation.

Our production team installed the SmartJacks first to hold up the beams and provide permanent support. Then, they removed the concrete around the perimeter of the basement and installed the WaterGuard drainage system and SuperSump sump pump. Lastly, they installed the CleanSpace vapor barrier to keep mold and moisture out of the basement. Water is now guided through the drainage system and led to the sump pump, where it is then discharged from the home. The combination of these foundation repair and waterproofing products have created a dry, clean, and stable basement for Douglas. Both our waterproofing and foundation repair products are backed by warranties, so Douglas can rest easy knowing he chose a reliable, long-term solution.

Wet Basement Restored in West Saint Paul, MN

Mardele W. in West Saint Paul, MN was suffering from water leaking into her basement and she was tired of cleaning up the mess every time there was a heavy rain. She decided to contact American Waterworks for a FREE estimate, so one of our Design Specialists, Jeremy Radtke, went to her home to inspect her basement and design a solution. Jeremy worked closely with Mardele to create the best waterproofing plan for her and her basement. She enjoyed working with Jeremy and was pleased with his proposal, so she scheduled to have our waterproofing system installed.

Our Foreman, Austin Lucas, and his crew installed a full perimeter of our WaterGuard drainage system around her basement floor. They also installed a SuperSump sump pump in the corner of the basement. The drainage system now properly guides water to the sump pump, and from there the sump pump pushes the water through the discharge line and expels it from the home. Our drainage system is backed by a lifetime guarantee, so Mardele has peace of mind that her basement will always be protected from water. She is glad she chose to protect her home for the long-term.

Bowing Foundation Wall Stabilized in Saint Paul, MN

A house owned by a property management company in Saint Paul, MN had a bowing foundation wall in the basement. They decided they needed to repair the foundation in order to maintain the home and ensure its stability for years to come. They contacted American Waterworks for a free foundation repair estimate. We sent one of our Design Specialists, Chad Johnson, to the home to inspect the foundation and develop a solution. The property management company liked Chad’s proposal, so they decided to move forward with the installation.

Our production team installed three PowerBraces along the bowing wall to provide support and stability. Our foundation repair solutions are backed by a lifetime warranty, so they are confident that they chose the right solution to repair the home for the long-term.

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