Below-grade Waterproofing: Here’s what to expect in Minneapolis, St. Paul – MN, IA, WI

The waterproofing business has seen rapid growth in recent years! Entrepreneurs and companies have been introducing new designs for drains, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers. Many new water-resistant products such as greenboard drywall and fiberglass walls also are cascading into the basement construction market.

Smart homeowners will be looking for products that are most effective and offer advancements with value. Otherwise they could hire a plumber and install a garden-variety sump pump. We at American Waterworks want to show you how our service stands out as the best in the basement and crawl space waterproofing business. Our focus is bringing you the best products and results in our industry! Here’s how we serve you.

First contact

We’ve been keeping basements and other lower levels dry for more than two decades. When you phone us, you can expect a trained representative to answer, not an automated voice asking a menu of questions. He or she will be ready to make an appointment for your free inspection and estimate. We’ll also mail you a colorful, descriptive book about basement waterproofing or about controlling crawl space moisture. These books describe what you need to know about drying out basements. At the same time, they introduce our Basement Systems products.

We’re flexible. If you can’t meet with our field expert on a weekday, we’ll schedule an evening or weekend meeting. We’ll work to adapt to your schedule.

The inspection and estimate

Waterproofing a basement should be a permanent improvement. You can plan that our system designer will take at least 90 minutes presenting the best options for drying your basement so it can become a useful living area.

Our field expert will have detailed knowledge and be ready to answer any questions you might have about waterproofing repairs and techniques. At the same time, you’ll have complete choice of the methods that work for your home.

In general, the costs of any repair will depend on the system and products used. American Waterworks offers many options, including vapor barriers in crawl spaces, sump pump systems, drainage devices, various wall products and dehumidifiers.

American Waterworks’ representatives do not pressure you for a sale or offer deceptive prices that start high and drop during the estimate visit. Our field experts act professionally and want to make sure you know and will trust our services.

Installing your waterproofing

On installation day, we come with a complete package of services. Our contractors are skilled in basement work; they work with flooded basements, cracked foundations, leaking pipes and other foundation problems daily. They are speedy and efficient at fixing the leaks that trouble you and your basement.
Usually, you can expect the job to be finished and the basement ready for use in two days or less.

Follow-up service

American Waterworks’ service does not stop when the repair crew leaves your home. Your contractor will contact you to check on your satisfaction. We want to know if the job was done as expected, and we want to hear any feedback you provide.

You also can count on your relationship with us. If your installation needs periodic service, a change or a warranty repair, we’ll be available as we have been for the past 20 years. We want a reputation as an established company that’s ready when you need it.

Your basement doesn’t have to be a damp and little-used space. Turn it into a useful living place. Call or contact American Waterworks online for a free inspection and a price quote.