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Foundation Wall Repaired in Winona, MN

Gary M. of Winona, MN had an inward bowing wall in his basement and he wanted to get it repaired before it got too late. He had previous work done by American Waterworks and had a good experience, so he decided to have work done by us again. Our Design Specialist, Mac, sold him our PowerBrace Foundation Wall Repair System, which is designed to stabilize failing basement walls, giving them the ability to straighten over time. Gary moved forward with our project and got a date scheduled for the installation. 

Our production Foreman, Matt, and his production crew installed our PowerBraces against the bowed foundation wall and completed the project in one day. Gary was happy with the repairs and his peace of mind was restored! 

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Structural Foundation Repair in Stockton, MN

Homeowners in Stockton, MN had sagging floors, causing them to worry about the structural build of their home. They got in contact with American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE estimate for the problems that they were facing. Our Design Specialist went to their home, carefully inspected their problems, and determined a solution that worked for them and their needs. After a clear diagnosis, the homeowners were confident in the proposal of our SmartJack Foundation Repair System, so they signed the proposal and got a date scheduled for the installation. 

Our Foreman and his production team installed our SmartJacks around the entire basement. Our SmartJacks are designed to restore the stability and straightness of sagging floor joists, wall cracks, and unbalanced door frames. Along with that, they can support more than 60,000 pounds and are galvanized for resistance to corrosion. Over time, the homeowner can adjust the SmartJack to ensure it is sticking to its design. To complete the installation, our Foreman did a final walkthrough with the homeowners and answered any last-minute questions they had. They were happy with the work that was done and had a great experience! 

At American Waterworks, we provide work in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, radon testing/mitigation, crawl space repair/encapsulation, and concrete repair/lifting. Call us today or click HERE to request your FREE estimate! 


Foundation Repair Services in Stockton, MN

Homeowners in Stockton, MN had sagging floor joists in their basement, causing them to worry about the structural integrity of their home. They conducted research on foundation repair companies in their service area and came across American Waterworks. Our Design Specialist went to the homeowner's house for a FREE estimate, carefully inspected their sagging floors, and proposed the solution of our SmartJacks, which are installed in basements and crawl spaces. They are designed to fix problems such as sloping and springy floors and interior wall cracks. The homeowners were confident in the solution, so they went ahead with the repairs and scheduled a date for the installation. 

Our Foreman and his crew installed 13 of our SmartJacks throughout the basement to provide a solid support system for the sagging and undersized beams. Our SmartJacks can support more than 60,000 pounds and they can be tightened over time by the homeowner to ensure it is sticking to its design. The homeowners were happy with the work that was done and had a great experience from start to finish! 

At American Waterworks, we provide services in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair/encapsulation, radon testing/mitigation, and concrete lifting/repair. Call us today or click HERE to request and schedule your FREE, no-obligation estimate! 

Bowing Foundation Wall in Mabel, MN

Adam W. in Mabel, MN had a cracked basement wall that had gotten worse over the course of just a few months. His block foundation had a large horizontal crack and it was starting to bow. He was concerned about the pressure it was putting on the foundation of his home, so he gave American Waterworks a call for a FREE estimate.

We sent one of our Design Specialists, Michael Radosevich, to inspect Adam’s foundation problem and to design a solution. Michael answered Adam’s questions and addressed his concerns before designing a unique proposal that would best fit his needs. Adam was pleased with the proposal that Michael presented to him, so they scheduled a date for the installation.

Our production team installed 4 wall anchors through the cracked wall in his basement. The anchor rods are drilled deep into the soil out side of the home and wall plates are installed on either end of the rod to secure the anchor. Then, they tighten the anchor which begins the process of straightening the wall. Our wall anchors permanently stabilized Adam’s foundation wall, and our anchors are backed by a lifetime warranty, so Adam can rest easy knowing that he chose the right solution to repair his foundation.

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Cracked Basement Walls Secured in Strum, WI

Roger L. owned a home in Strum, WI that he was using as an income property. He decided that he wanted to sell the house, so he didn’t have to deal with renting it out anymore. He knew that before he could put it on the market, he would have to make some repairs to the home, including repairing the foundation. He had two cracked walls in his basement, one of which had started bowing inward. Over the years he noticed it gradually getting worse and worse and he decided it was time to call American Waterworks to learn more about our foundation repair solutions and get a FREE estimate.

One of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, went onsite to inspect his walls and develop the right solution for his specific needs. Rick concluded that the best repair option would be to install wall anchors, and Roger agreed. A couple of weeks later, our production crew arrived at the home to start the installation. They drilled small holes through the damaged block foundation and inserted long metal rods through the wall and into the soil surrounding the home. They secured both ends of the metal rods with anchor plates and tightened them as far as they could go. Once the anchors were tightened, the walls began to straighten and stabilize. The anchors should continue to be tightened over to time to continuously improve the strength of the foundation.

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