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CarbonArmor and WaterGuard in La Crescent, MN

Brian O. in La Crescent, MN contacted American Waterworks after being referred to us by a previous satisfied customer. He was interested in our foundation repair and waterproofing products, so we sent one of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, to meet with him and present our services. Brian was impressed with Rick’s evaluation and proposal, and he moved forward with the project. 

Our Foreman, Cole Brinkman, and his production crew were able to successfully stabilize Brian’s basement walls by installing 32 of our CarbonArmor strips along the perimeter of the foundation. The CarbonArmour system utilizes epoxy and carbon fiber strips to strengthen the foundation walls. Next, the crew began the waterproofing project by removing the concrete around the perimeter of the basement and through the middle of the floor to install the 140 feet of our WaterGuard drainage system and feed line. Then, the crew filled back the gaps with rock, replaced the concrete, and cleaned up their work area. Brian is happy with the results and confident that he chose the best solution for his home! 

Bowing Foundation Wall in La Crescent, MN

Larry M. in La Crescent, MN had a bowing foundation wall in his basement. He was concerned that his wall was no longer stable and that it was putting pressure on the foundation of the home. He knew how expensive it can be to replace and entire foundation, so he decided he needed to have a professional take a look and see what his options were. One of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, went onsite to give him a free estimate. Rick recommended installing 5 Geo-Lock wall anchors on Larry's bowing foundation wall. 

Larry was pleased to discover that our wall anchors are backed by a lifetime warranty, which made him comfortable having them installed. Larry could already see the difference in stability of that wall once the anchors were tightened. Larry now has peace of mind knowing his wall has been permanently been secured and stabilized.

If you have a bowing or cracked wall, contact us for your free estimate!

Foundation Wall Repaired in Holmen, WI

Cal and Marcy A. of Holmen, WI had a bowed and cracked foundation wall in their basement, causing them to worry about the structural integrity of their home. They got our wall anchors installed, which are the most versatile wall repair system that we provide for homeowners because they can be installed to stabilize walls with a variety of problems, such as bowing, tipping, and cracking walls. 

When installed, anchors are embedded in the soil outside of the foundation wall and are connected by a long, steel rod to a wall plate. This provides the necessary pressure against the inside of the foundation wall, which enables it to straighten back into its natural position. The anchors are then tightened with a torque wrench and can be tightened by the homeowner over time to ensure the system is sticking to its design. 

Are you interested in our foundation repair products and what they can do for your home? Click HERE to learn more about our products and how they can help homeowners! 

Structural Foundation Repair in Hixton, WI

Jill P. of Hixton, WI lives in an 1889 farmhouse that is built on sandstone. Over the years, it was settling and the inside of her home was uneven, causing sagging floors. She got in contact with our office staff after seeing that we professionalize in foundation repair. Our Design Specialist, Rick Weber, inspected her sagging floor and proposed our SmartJacks. Jill got all of her questions answered about our product and felt confident in the system, so she went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Hugo, and his production team installed three of our 5-7' SmartJacks, which are designed to restore the stability and straightness of sagging floor joists and corrects problems such as sloping, interior wall cracks, and uneven door frames. Over time, they can be tightened by the homeowner to ensure the system is sticking to its design. Jill was happy with the work and was grateful we were able to help restore her peace of mind! 

At American Waterworks, we do not only perform work on foundations. We also provide services in basement waterproofing, radon testing/mitigation, crawl space repair/encapsulation, and concrete repair/lifting. Call us today or click HERE to schedule your FREE estimate! 

Cracked Wall in Ossian, IA Garage

Bridget in Ossian, IA was trying to sell her home that she had lived in for 25 years. The buyer was concerned about a cracked wall in the garage and wanted to have it inspected. Bridget’s realtor got her in touch with American Waterworks to help with her foundation problem. One of our Design Specialists, Rick Weber, went onsite to give her a FREE inspection and design a solution.

Rick recommended that she have us install PowerBraces along the damaged wall to permanently stabilize it. Bridget and the buyer agreed to have the project completed, so they scheduled the installation.

Our production team installed the four PowerBraces in the garage and left the homeowner with a tightening kit to continue straightening the wall over time. Our foundation repair systems are backed by a lifetime warranty, so she is confident in their decision to go with American Waterworks. The homeowner is pleased with the results and she is glad her foundation wall in now secure.

Is your foundation cracked or bowing? Click here to learn more and to receive a free estimate!

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