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Push Piers Installed in Sparta, WI

Diane B. in Sparta, WI contacted American Waterworks after seeing one of our commercials on TV. She noticed her garage floor was uneven, and she feared the problem was only going to get worse. We sent one of our Design Specialists, Brian Ramirez, to meet with Diane and evaluate the situation. After his inspection, Brian recommended our Foundation Push Pier System to provide a permanent solution to her settlement issue. 

Our Foreman, Matt Zeller, and his production crew started the installation by excavating the soil surrounding the home where the foundation had started settling until they reached the bottom of the footings. Then, they secured brackets under the footings and inserted the piers until they hit competent, supportive soil. The piers transfer the weight of the home to the supportive soil, preventing further settlement. The crew wrapped up the project with installing our frost protection system to protect against frost damage. Then, they replaced the soil and cleaned up their work area. Diane was happy she chose to invest in the stability of her home, and we are glad we could restore her peace of mind! 

Stabilized Walls in Monona, IA

Michelle and Alexander H. of Monona, IA had cracked foundation walls in their garage, so they called American Waterworks to set up a FREE Estimate. Our Design Specialist, Brian Ramirez, went to their home to look at the issue and come up with a solution. After a thorough inspection, Michelle and Alexander were comfortable with Brian's offer, so they went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Hugo Sanchez, and his production crew began the installation by digging four holes outside of the garage wall, and installed our GeoLock Wall Anchor System. Our GeoLock Wall Anchors are made to help stabilize foundation walls and straighten them out overtime. Hugo and his crew replaced the outside soil and backhilled the holes. Michelle and Alexander were pleased with the completion, and were grateful we could help them at their time of need! 

Crack in Foundation Wall in Coon Valley, WI

Steve and Kerry S. of Coon Valley, WI had a big crack in the foundation wall of their garage, causing them to worry about its structural build and stability. They saw one of our advertisements in their local newspaper so they called our office line to schedule a FREE estimate with our Design Specialist. Our Design Specialist went to their home, examined their wall, and drew up the solution of our GeoLock Wall Anchor Repair System. Steve and Kerry got all of their questions answered about the product, so they went ahead with the project and scheduled a date for the installation. 

Our Foreman and his production team began the installation by digging holes outside of the home, beyond the foundation. From the inside of the garage, our team inserted long, metal rods from the inside foundation to each hole outside of the house. On the ends of each rod, our team installed an anchor plate that holds the rod in place in the soil. Next, our team installed a GeoLock Wall Anchor at the end of each rod on the interior foundation. This process stops inward movement and cracking, and allows the foundation to move back into its original position. To complete the installation, our Foreman and his team backfilled each hole outside of the home, compacted the soil, and ensured that the yard and garage looked neater than when they found it. Steve and Kerry were very satisfied with the work that was completed and had a great experience from appointment to installation! 

Are your foundation walls cracking or bowing? Call us now or click HERE to request a free estimate with our Design Specialist team!

Foundation Crack Fixed in Stoddard, WI

Ryan B. of Stoddard, WI had a crack in his foundation wall, causing him to worry about the stability of his home. He called American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE inspection with our Design Specialist, Rick. Rick went to Ryan's home, carefully examined his foundation wall, and drew up a solution that worked for him and his home repair needs. He was confident in Rick's proposal of our GeoLock Wall Anchor System, so he followed through with the project and got an installation date scheduled. 

Our Foreman, Tremaine, and his production manager began the project by digging small holes outside the home, beyond the foundation. From the interior foundation, Tremaine and his crew inserted a long, steel rod through to each hole outside of the home. At the ends of each rod, our crew installed an anchor and a wall plate which provides the pressure to make the system work. Our anchors extend out to the hard-packed soil, anchoring themselves and bracing the foundation wall, which stops inward movement. Over time, our anchors can be tightened by the homeowner to ensure the system is sticking to its design. To complete the installation, Tremaine and his team backfilled each hole, compacted the soil, and ensured the outdoor space was neater than when they found it. 

Not only do we provide work in foundation repair. We also perform services in basement waterproofing, radon testing/mitigation, crawl space repair/waterproofing, egress windows, and concrete repair/lifting. Call us now or click HERE to sign up for a free inspection! 

Foundation Repair in La Crosse, WI

Susan R. of La Crosse, WI had an inward bowing foundation wall, making her worry about the build of her foundation wall. She called American Waterworks and scheduled a FREE estimate with our Design Specialist, Mac. Mac went to Susan's house, inspected the foundation walls, and proposed our Wall Anchor System. Our Wall Anchor System is the most versatile foundation repair system that we provide for homeowners because it solves a variety of different problems. Susan followed through with the project and got a date scheduled for the installation. 

Our production Foreman, Dylon, and his crew installed our anchors around the entire foundation wall perimeter, ensuring the system stuck to its design. After the project was complete, Dylon provided a thorough walkthrough with Susan to be sure all of her questions were answered. Susan was thrilled with the work and had a great experience! 

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