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Sinking Foundation in Tomah, WI

Client tried several alternatives to prevent foundation from sinking, but the home continued to do so.  With a little help from American Waterwork's piering system, we were able to fix the problem and prevent any further damage to the home.  

Cracked Foundation Wall is Sealed in Tomah, WI Home

A homeowner in Tomah, WI noticed seapage through their drywall and called American Waterworks to investigate the issue.  After a thorough analysis Tom noticed a crack in the homeowner's foundation that was causing the leak.  American Waterworks was able to install The FlexiSpan system in which seals the wall crack as a first line of defense.   But if any water should leak through the crack, a hidden, foam-lined channel transports this leakage to the waterproofing system.  Peace of mind for a lifetime!

Cracked Foundation Wall in Tomah, WI

Jon V. of Tomah, WI had a cracked exterior foundation wall, causing him to worry about the structural support of his home. He saw an American Waterworks commercial on television, so he called our office line and scheduled a free inspection with our Design Specialist, Mac. Mac went to his home, thoroughly diagnosed the foundation cracks, and drew out a detailed solution that worked for Jon and his needs. After a clear and in-depth inspection, Jon was confident in Mac's plan, so he signed the contract and went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Raul, and his production team installed our GeoLock Wall Anchors, which is a special system that stabilizes foundation walls, providing it with the ability to straighten to its normal position. Because of the way it is designed, anchors can be installed on interior and exterior foundation walls. Each anchor is connected by a long, steel rod to a wall plate that gives the clamping pressure against the inside of the foundation wall. Over time, homeowners can tighten the anchors to ensure the system is sticking to its trusted design. The installation typically takes one to two days and can be installed year-round! 

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Wall Anchors Stabilize Wall in Eastman, WI

Jeff and Heidi B. of Eastman, WI had cracked walls in their basement, making them feel nervous and unsafe living in their home. After doing some research on our website, they called our office line to schedule a FREE Estimate with our Design Specialist, Jeremy Girgen. Jeremy went to their home to inspect the walls and come up with a solution. After a thorough inspection, Jeff and Heidi felt comfortable with the proposal, so they went ahead with the project. 

Our Foreman, Juan Pena, and his production team began the project by digging 11 holes outside of the home. Next, Juan and his team inserted a long, metal rod from the inside of the basement, through the foundation, to each hole outside of the home. Our team tightened and screwed on a GeoLock Wall Anchor on the ends of each rod to pull the walls back and stabilize them into their natural positions. To complete the project, Juan and his crew backfilled the holes and replaced the soil, leaving the yard looking neater than when they found it. Jeff and Heidi were thrilled with the work completed and had a remarkable experience from beginning to end! 

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Cracked Foundation Repaired with Channel Anchor System

Robert K. in Cashton, WI had several cracks in the walls in his basement and was concerned about the pressure that was being put on his foundation. He started looking into foundation repair contractors and was glad to learn that American Waterworks is the leading contractor in foundation repair in the region. We sent our Design Specialist, Rick Weber, to his home to evaluate the situation and propose a unique solution to fit his needs and goals. Robert approved of the plan and moved forward with an installation date. 

Our Foreman, Cole Brinkman, and production crew got to work installing our Geo-Lock Channel Anchor System. They started the process by drilling small holes through the brick wall for long metal rods to be inserted. The rods are then stabilized on each end with a channel anchor. The Channel Anchor System provides a permanent solution for bowing, buckling, tilting, or inward-moving foundation walls that are demonstrating signs of extreme wall failure. This solution includes a channel anchor that mounts on the foundation floor and wall for optimal bracing and failure protection. Robert can rest easy knowing that his foundation is now permanently stabilized. 

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